Rajesh M’s OK OK (2012) Movie Review


Cast : Udhayanidhi Stalin, Hansika Motwani, Santhanam, Saranya Ponvannan, Azhagam Perumal, Sayaji Shinde and Others
Music : Harris Jayaraj
Cinematographer : Balasubramaniam
Director: Rajesh M

Director Rajesh M after successful SMS (2009), Boss Engira Bhaskaran (2010) back with his third outing OK OK starring Udhaynidhi Stalin, Hasika Motwani and Santhanam. Already OK OK Tamil version is a Decent HIT in Chennai. Let’s check out how’s its Dubbed Telugu version..

Srinivas [Udhaynidhi] and Bangar Raju [Santhanam] are good friends working in a multiplex theater. OK OK story starts with Saravanan receiving Meera’s [Hansika] wedding card and the total movie goes with the flashback.

One day Santhanam and Saravanan happens to meet Meera in the theater they work and follows her to home. Saravana proposes Meera and somehow she hates the way of proposal. However Bangar and Srinivas implements new ideas to make Meera love the lead Srinivas. After all the twists OK OK ends with happy ending.

Performances: Producer turned actor, Udhayanidhi Stalin performance is pretty average as debutant actor. He has to work more on his dialogue delivery, Expressions and dance movements. Hansika is Okay in her character added glamour quotient to the movie. Hansika Overweight, Chubby looks in songs, pathetic expressions in the climax are terrible. Santhanam is at his impeccable humorous best and carries the film coolly on his shoulders. Sunil dubbing didn’t suit Santhanam mannerisms. Cameos from Arya and Andreaa Jeremiah were not fully utilized. Saranya Ponvannan’s (Srinivas’s mom) performance is noteworthy.

Technicalities: The plot is as simple as that of Rajesh’s earlier films. Srinivas falls in love with Meera. How he breaks her heart and subsequently wins it forms the remaining part of this rom-com. It requires feel good screenplay and smooth handling of emotions to narrate such a thin story. Narration of the film is pretty slow and screenplay is likeable in parts. Direction of the film is adequate. But must appreciate Rajesh for utilizing Udhayanidhi type of actor in a rom-com and nearly successful in doing that. The BGM is perfect but the songs are surprisingly mediocre. We expected more from Harris Jayaraj. “Vaadu Ra Maava” is the foot-tapping number and “Just like Oka Butterfly” is best picturized track in this movie. Cinematography is neat. Editing of this film is not crisp. Dubbing could have better lipsynched dialogues. Dialogues are entertaining in parts. Production values are good.

Survi Verdict: First half of the OK OK is OK, lags a bit at Pre Interval scenes. The second half is a disappointment. The plus points of the film are Santhanam, good comedy in the first half, Music and cinematography. The minus points are narration, dubbing, thin storyline, dragged 2nd half, climax and lack of feel. On the whole, this OK OK is not so OK.

 Survi Review: 1.5/5

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