SS Rajamouli’s EEGA (2012) Movie Review


Language: Telugu
Genre: Fiction| Action| Romantic
Cast: Nani, Sudeep, Samantha, Abhiram, Crazy Mohan
Music Director: M.M. Keeravani
Cinematographer: K.K. Senthil Kumar
Editing : Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Director: SS Rajamouli

Release Date: July 6th 2012


 After hits like Student No.1, Simhadri, Sye, Chatrapathi, Vikramarkudu, Yamadonga, Magadheera and Maryada Ramanna perfectionist Rajamouli is back with his dream project “Eega”. It’s the highest budgeted NO star lead movie, total Tollywood is excited to see how Rajamouli narrated the script with stupefying graphical way. Rajamouli’s Eega is not just creating buzz in Telugu, but also drawing huge interest from the Tamil and Malayalam industries. Eega has been made in Tamil as Naan Ee and as Eecha in Malayalam, movie is sold out for huge amounts before the release. Not just Rajamouli fans, everyone is waiting eagerly for this film and the film is carrying lots of expectations. Let us hope, the movie meets those expectations.

Nani (Nani) and Bindu (Samantha) fall in love with each other. Sudeep, the antagonist, loves Bindu too; hence he kills Nani after learning about their mutual love. Nani, in his rebirth is born as Eega (a housefly) it happens to remember the incident occurred in its last birth and takes revenge on the Sudeep. Unaware of the fact that the Sudeep killed Nani, Bindu agrees to forget Nani and continue her journey. The rest of the story is about Nani’s revenge on Sudeep as Eega, rebirth of Nani.

Rajamouli reveals his every movie storyline before the release of the movie, that’s how he controls the pulse of his targeted audience and convinces them. Coming to basic storyline of the film is how an unsuccessful lover gets reincarnated as a housefly and seeks to avenge his death. Story of the film is very thin and predictable. Even the treatment leaves a lot to be wanted. Rajamouli has good flair for conceiving romantic and entertaining scenes. He succeeded in entertaining audience in the first half and failed in elevating the emotions part in the second half. Direction of the film is super. The scene where Nani gets killed and gets into another form of life is not powerfully picturised, but Eega every scene after the birth looks brilliant. He utilized camera and Vfx in right manner, nearly gave a moment for every grade audience.

Scenes I liked:


    • Love scenes between Nani-Samantha, and Nani taking everything positive makes you smile.
  • Eega recalling its Flash Back.
  • Eega trying to Kill Sudeep in the First Half and telling Sudeep it will kill him is nice development.
  • Eega using Micro artist help and getting weapons to fight against sudeep.



Things didn’t make up:

    • A given egg takes 4-6 days to complete (Egg – Larva – Pupa) cycle before a FLY gets out of the shell. But here Eega hatches in Hours time.
  • Eega writing its name with drops of water and reading names in English is not all convincing. How did Eega learn the language? (Hope it’s not like memories even made him recall the language)
  • There’s a Diapause method which Sudeep missed even after searching in INTERNET, When a Fly threatened by high Cold or Moisture shuts itself down in that process called DIAPAUSE (which is similar to Hibernation).
  • How did Sudeep know that its right to fix securities for his home to stop a small fly from entering.
  • Fly doing fabulous works outs like weight lifting and Running on tapes for gaining body is not at all convincing.

Rajamouli – Keeravani showed why they are called one of the best successful combinations. Music by Keeravani is one of the assets for the film. The songs are good. Rajamouli should be given a pat on his back for extracting such a experimental BGM from Keeravani. Liked “Life is Back”, “Champestha” and “Eega” BGM in the film. However, ‘Eega Eega’ song come as a break to the narration in second half.

Graphics: Coming to graphics and Visual effects Rajamouli utilized them perfectly creating Eega with high standards giving it life and feel is praiseworthy.


Karnataka star Sudeep did a splendid job as Industrialist Sudeep. The way he is worked on flirting girls , Killing the ones who is against him and getting irritated to Eega is perfect. Samantha comes but a good role. She charmed everyone with her charm. Nani’s cameo is good, generated some good humor and feel in the start. Thagubothu Ramesh episode is cool and entertains. Ramesh as Thantra looked alarming but director failed to utilize him till the end. Rest of the characters supportive to the lead.



Cinematography: James Floyd was first announced as the cameraman for the movie later Rajamouli shifted to his best Cinematographer Senthil (Yamadonga, Sye, Magadheera). Rajamouli took a departure from unlike shot making while framing shots for a few scenes in this film. The unit used a Scorpio Crane for the first time in Tollywood. The camerawork by K.K. Senthil Kumar is impressive.

Survi Verdict:

First half of the film is Entertaining. Second half lags a bit runs on predictable mode, but still impresses with graphics and Sudeep performance. But the things got straightened as the movie approached climax. Strength of the film is Rajamouli taking, Keeravani Bgm, Senthil cinematography, Sudeep and Graphics sequences. Weakness is the thin storyline, Predictable 2nd Half and Climax Drag. On the whole, Eega is Worth a Watch movie if we go with limited expectations and leave the facts aside. Kids gonna love it…

Survi Rating: 3.25/5


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6 thoughts on “SS Rajamouli’s EEGA (2012) Movie Review

  1. Eega technical good movie, Sudip done well. Ss Rajamouli direction highlight. story average, music good. pakka watchable movie

  2. Naan Ee………. Eega………….. Eacha………!!!!!!!!!
    Awesome………. Excellent………. Outstanding………!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. fine review…i xactly felt the same……mistakes lekunda perfect ga theyaledu.logics sink avvaledu…..3.25 is for his efforts,thots!

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