Sekhar Raja’s Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara (2012) Movie Review


Cast: Manoj Manchu, Bala Krishna Nandamuri, Lakshmi Manchu, Sonu Sood, Bhanu Chandar, Richard, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Raghu Babu, Suhasini, Panchi Bora, Simer Motwani, Swapna Madhuri (Madhumita), Meena Kumari etc
Music: Bobo Shashi
Cinematography: B Rajasekhar
Story – screenplay – direction: Sekhar Raja
Censor Certificate: U/A
Runtime: 140 Minutes

Story-Line: An interesting tale the story begins with a young man (Manoj) who comes to a place called Gandharva Mahal. This belongs to Naidu (Prabhu) and the young man takes up a room for rent. Soon, he manages to vacate the tenants who stay illegally. In between, he also falls in love with Jagadha (Deeksha), daughter of Naidu. The story takes a turn when Naidu’s elder daughter’s marriage is fixed and the young man begins to experience something spooky at Gandharva Mahal. One thing leads to another and one by one the entire mystery behind the Gandharva Mahal is unveiled. What happens after that forms the rest of the story.

Techinical Aspects: Story of the film is very thin. Even screenplay is very tatty. You can find people dopey in the theaters for the kind of flatness the film has. Direction is well in patches. Overall, Sekhar Raja failed as a director for ‘Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara’. Dialogues by Lakshmi Bhoopal are pretty average. Music is not up to the mark. Except “Anuragam” and “Anni Idhi” tracks, rests of them were like breakers. Chinna Background music perfectly suited the scenes. Editing is not up to the mark; he could have easily edited 10-15 minutes from the 1st half. Cinematography by Rajashekar is neat. The Pixion visual effects were good (Liked the Smoke effects and Burning Horse episode). Art work by Bhupati needs a special mention. His hard work showed on the screen. Production values are high.

Performances: Natasimha Balakrishna must be appreciated for accepting such a role. He did a fabulous job. He has Powerful introduction in the first half and heavy-duty emotions in the second half. Manchu Manoj looks routine in the beginning of the film. But he performs well towards the end of the film. Sonu Sood is fair as villain, but his villainousness would have been exploited more. Deeksha Seth is alright as the female lead and she reduced fair bit of weight. Lakshmi Manchu is pretty impressive both in looks and histrionics departments. Madhumita did well within her limitations. Prabhu, Bhanu Chander and Saikumar were fine in their characters. Simer Motwani as Sister and Panchi Bora as Wife of Balakrishna were passable.

Survi Verdict: First half of the film is boring. Second half is better. The plus points of the movie are Balakrishna, BGM, Cinematography and Art work. The negative points are narration, boring 1st half, Predictable script, Thrills and Fights. On the whole, Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara is a pretty casual flick with good efforts. Not worth your ticket, wait for its DVD.

Survi Review: 2/5

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Bottom-Line: Ulikki Padenthaga em Ledhu..

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One thought on “Sekhar Raja’s Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara (2012) Movie Review

  1. review not correct 1st half last 20min excellent balakrishna gari natana super manchu babau directions dept ment lo velu pettinattu anipinchindi climax kadha ki gunde lantidhi kani stunts balevu laxmi gari natana aakattukundi sceenpaly kufli indi

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