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Cast: JD Chakri, Srikanth, Lucky Sharma, Anisha Singh, Brahmanandam, Pradeep Rawat, Krishna Bhagawan, Pragati, Kota, Suthivelu, Y Vijaya, Raghu Karumanchi etc |Songs: Hema Chandra |Background music: Sai Karthik |Cinematography: Siva Kumar|Run Time: 140 Minutes| Censor Certificate: UA| Story Screenplay Direction: JD Chakravarthy | Watched at Devi 70mm, Hyderabad

Ravi (Srikanth) is a honest young man who is in desperate 15 lakhs money to get his father, a Bank Manager (Kota Srinivas Rao) out of jail. He teams up with a gyp, Chandu (JD Chekravarthy) as a last recur to earn money. They plan to sell money through selling a fake documented land to a Dubai based Businessman Razzaq (Pradeep Rawat). Ravi and Chandu team up and traps Razzaq for 1.5 Crores for some conditions. What were those conditions? Will Ravi save his father forms the rest of the story line. Coming to performances JD and Srikanth were passable. Lucky Sharma and Anisha Singh are glamorous in songs; they didn’t have enough screen presence to perform. Krishna Bhagwan and Telangana Shakuntala bring some good laughs in the start but later crack-up. Bhramanandam and Team repeating the same comedy sequence ( Jhonny Lever and party did in Bollywood All the Best) is boring. Kota Srinivas Rao and Pradeep Rawat are wasted with limited scenes.

After promising debut with Homam director JD failed with Siddham, Money Money More Money, tried to entertain with a regular entertainment formula. JD failed deplorable in both screenplay and direction. The comedy in this flick is harebrained. He copied a Chase Sequence from Jhonny English Reborn and a Comedy Sequence from Hindi All the Best. Especially JD failed to check the logics while shooting the movie.

  • Chasing a Terrorist RAGHUBABU (whose in 5th Floor) gets into the lift at “0” floor and gets out in the“0“floor and catches the Terrorist in the ground Floor…
  • When Chandra Mohan in the Critical Condition in hospital he was operated with Switched off Equipments…
  • When a fellow con tells to take a Important document from Flat No: 201 , JD and Srikanth knock and take the documents from Flat Number: 204…

Cinematography by Siva Kumar is Okay. Songs composed by Hema Chandra is mediocre. Background Music Sai Karthik is pretty average. Dialogues by Krishna Mohan Challa are very casual. Fights are normal and Choreography by Amma Rajasekhar is bad. A 140 minutes movie is too long for a thin story-line, Normal scripted film. Editing could have been crispier. Production Values are fine. On the Whole All The Best has nothing new to offer you, so you can safely avoid this flick in theatres.

Survi Review: 1/5

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