Parchuri Murali’s Adhinayakudu (2012) Movie Review

Genre: Action|Romance
Cast & Crew: Balakrishna, Lakshmi Rai, Saloni Aswani, Jayasudha, Nadhiya , Bramanandam, Pradeep Rawat
Director :Parchuri Murali
Music :Kalyani Malik
Censor Certificate: A
Run Time: 156 minutes

Pre-mood: The long awaited release date of Balakrishna’s movie Adhinayakudu is confirmed as 1st June 2012. In this film Balakrishna is playing 3 roles. Saloni, Lakshmi Rai and Jaya Sudha in the main female lead. Parachuri Murali is the director of Adhinayakudu. Kalyan Malik scored music for the film. M L Kumar is the producer on Keerthi Combines Banner. This film got the Censor clearance with”A” certificate. Let’s check out the review..

Story: Harish Chandra Prasad (Balakrishna) dedicates his entire life for the people. He strives for an international funding for an iron ore project. He gets it and starts acquiring Government lands illegally occupied by factionists. In the process, gets killed. His son Rama Krishna Prasad (Balakrishna 2) is no less than his father in serving people. Fate separates Rama Krishna Prasad and his son, Babi ( Balayya 3). After some years, Babi meets his family but interestingly, his father does not accept him. What is the reason behind? How the peace is restored in the family and the regions forms the actual story.

Performance: Balakrishna performed well in three roles by showing variation in appearance, histrionics and dialogue delivery. Lakshmi Rai is rattling and she is presented in modern attire. Jaya Sudha supported her character well. Saloni is passable in limited role. Bhramanandam is fine with his comedy, but director failed to utilize him perfectly. Venu Madhav is routine follows his character in Simhadri. Pradeep Rawat, Rehman provided some decent support.

Technical Department: Story of the film is old fashioned one. Screenplay of the film lacks the proper format. It’s very slow in first half and it’s very rapid in second half. Direction is quite passing in the first half the things go Satisfactory in the second half. Re-recording is acceptable. Dialogues are good. There were some good satires and emotional dialogues.

  • Manchi naayakudu prajala gundello vundaale gaanee, roddu meeda bommaallo kaadu. Vunnattundi ee vigrahaala raajakeeyam enduku modalu pettaavo chebuthaavaa? Cheppinchamantaavaa?
  • TREND tho manaku sambandam ledhu, thappu chesinodi BEND theyadame mana alavatu..

Sameer Reddy’s Cinematography is good. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateshwar Rao is crisp. Stunts by Ram Laxman match their earlier good work. Music by Kalyani Malik is average. Choreography is fine. First and last song (Mast Jawani Jalsa Jalsa and Andam Aakumadi) were spicy.

Survi Verdict: First half of the film is average. Second half slowdowns a bit, but ends regular. The plus points of the film are performance of Balakrishna, red hot Lakshmi Rai, Few Dialogues and music by Kalyani Malik. The main drawback of the film is Regular Storyline, old-fashioned narration, Twists and taking. On the whole, Adhinayakudu is very regular film with casual treatment.

Bottom Line: Election Commission opposing Adhinayakudu is more like a publicity stunt, nothing so called opposing scenes were there in the movie.

Survi Review: 2/5

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