Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Movie Review [First On Net]



Directed by Marc Webb

Screenplay: Alvin Sargent ,  Steve Kloves ,  Steve Ditko ,  Stan Lee ,  James Vanderbilt

Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans , Denis Leary, Martin Sheen , Sally Field , Irrfan Khan, Scott Campbell , Embeth Davidtz, Chris Zylka, Max Charles, C. Thomas Howell, Jake Keiffer

Censor Certificate: U/A  | Running Time: 132 minutes| Genre: Action-Adventure-Thriller

After first and second spectacular Spiderman’s, and a lot of fans are still disturbed Sony decided to restart the whole franchise only five years after okey-dokey last Spiderman 3. I’ll be able to weigh in on the great consider should Sony have rebooted the franchise so soon? It really is the question hanging over the movie. Let’s check out the movie details…

Peter Parker is an outsider. He has to do with anyone on his high school and really what is more closed than capable of reaching out to others. Although it has long been an eye appeal thrown on the beautiful Gwen Stacy, but he would not even under threat of violence.  Why Peter is closed, is quickly resolved. His parents abandoned him to his loving relatives, Uncle Ben and Aunt May, as Peter was very young. Then she died. His father (A Scientist) who worked on interesting projects such as dangerous and probably had to fear for his life. And Peter will soon go on, because when he feels an old friendship between his father and the scientist, Dr. Curt Conners in the bone, his life changes dramatically. In a laboratory at Oscorp Peter Parker is bitten by a spider – what a strange, how life-changing transmutation sets off…

Andrew Garfield (The Social Network, Never let me go fame) has done a tremendous job as Spiderman aka. Peter Parker. He convinced and the balanced the act between humor and serious feeling good flip. Emma Stone (Easy A, Zombieland Fame) is very effective as Gwen Stacy. Her character in the climax has variations and she justifies it. Rhys Ifans is fine as Lizard aka. Dr. Cur Conors. Denis Leary (Captain Stacy), Martin Sheen(Uncle Ben), Sally Field (Aunt May) and Indian actor Irrfan Khan (Rajith) are supportive and good in their respective roles.

The latest trailers and Poster s of The Amazing Spiderman refers “Untold story”, But the story is about a deserted boy, loss of question about his parents, and in search of his parents mysterious job in Oscorp forms the emotional foundation of The Amazing Spiderman. But the perspective of Webb’s The Amazing Spiderman turns out to be very familiar with Spiderman films of Sam Raimi. Screenplay writers James Vanderbilt,  Alvin Sargent and Steve Kloves have done a marvelous job in giving a new touch to this new franchise of Spiderman. James Horner’s music is perfectly suited to the scenes. John Schwartzman’s cinematography is fine. Alan Edward Bell, Michael McCusker and Pietro Scalia’s editing is all right. Marc webb was successful in making haphazard female character to gallant style. On the other hand Dr. Curt Conors sudden change in character in the end is un-digestible. Marc Webb has done a very good job in bringing the other side of Spiderman with élan visual effects, decent romance effects.

Survi Verdict: The Amazing Spiderman starts off with interesting flashback episode, gets romantic with Emma Stone’s entrance, But till the end of the First Half we Feel it’s good but we miss the Amazing-ness. Post interval movie strikes well with Striking Bridge Episode, Lovely Actions scenes and Stunning visuals which just satisfies our Hunger. On the whole, the bully at school, taking pictures, the bite of the spider that gets newly emerging superpowers, the shapes of the costume, leaping to villain place to save the mankind etc…  make this Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spiderman “Worth Watch Movie” this weekend.

About 3D: Finally watched “The Amazing Spiderman” IMAX version, action episodes in 3D are just breathtaking. Loved the following scenes in 3D;
> The Title Effects on 3D
> Demo on Reptiles by Emma Stone at Oscorp
>Building Cliff Scenes
>Anti Dote Drops in the Climax
>Final release of Spider Web on Screen

Survi Review: 3.5/5

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  1. Updated my Post bro.. Actually suffered with a worst experience watching the IMAX print of The Amazing Spiderman in Cinemax. Will be updating my 3D experience after watching the flick in IMAX 3D..

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