Karunakaran’s Endukante Premanta (2012) Movie Review

Genre: Drama|Romantic
Starring: Ram, Tamanna, Kona Venkat
Music: G.V.Prakash Kumar
Director: A. Karunakaran
Producer: Shravanti Ravi Kishore

Censor Certificate: U

Ram and Tamanna’s Endukante Premanta is releasing today.  This is a feel good romantic entertainer in typical Karunakaran’s style. Every bit of Endukante Premanta is looking like it was made to get the attention of young audience. With the colleges set to reopen, Endukante Premanta couldn’t ask for a better timing of release. Ram’s dances and Tamanna’s glamour are said to be the special highlights of Endukante Premanta. This film is made in Tamil as Yen Endraal Kaadhal Enbein. Let’s check out the review for more details.

Synopsis: An aimless, happy go lucky guy Sitaram (Ram) goes to Paris on business purpose and there he realizes that he was sent intentionally by his father (Sayaji Shinde) to teach him seriousness, discipline in life. One day, he falls in love with Indian Ambassador’s (Suman) daughter Sravanthi (Tamanna). She was very protective by her dad and his security irritates her. One day, Sravanthi slips from home and travels to India.Why is everyone trying to kill her? How will she survive.? forms the rest of the story-line.

Performance: Kudos to Ram for his natural performance. Without him, the movie would have fallen flat. He has rightly managed to distinguish each role in terms of body language and dialogue delivery. Performance wise Tamanna is nice. We either see her giving advice/intimating about villains to the hero or dancing in songs. Shayaji Shinde and Suman have done their parts well while Rushi looks convincing as Security Head at Indian Embassy and rest of the characters supportive.

Technical Aspects: It’s the most expensive film in Ram’s career and it’s made with whooping budget of 26cr with decent technical values. Story of the film is adequate with good quota of three major elements – Family, love and action. G.V.Prakash Kumar music is too good. Though the songs sound good, they are more like speed breakers to the pace. Moreover, the screenplay lags in the First half and many scenes appear dragged. The script is half-baked. The characterizations should be more compassionate. There is no charm to the characterization of hero and there is no sympathy left for the heroine. I. Andrew’s camerawork is good but editing could have been better as there are many jerks between the scenes. Visual effects were unrealistic. Dialogues are regular. Production values are good.

Bright Spots: Ram, Tamanna, Songs, Cinematography

Bloopers:  Songs spacing, Screenplay, Narration, 1st Half, Direction

Survi Verdict: First half of the film is boring. Second half is average. The main drawback of the film is weak characterizations and inept handling of First half. Endukante Premanta is an attempt to come up with something different, But failed to narrate it in a right way. Postives of Endukante Premanta are Ram, Tamanna, Songs and on the flip side its Screenplay, Narration, Songs spacing, Drags inbetween. On a whole, skip Endukante Premanta in theatres… Endukante ??? “Torture” narration anta.

Survi Review: 2/5

Bottomline: Endukante Premanta looks inspired from Just Like Heaven (2005) movie.

Theatrical Trailer:


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