Devi Sri Prasad’s Julayi (2012) Audio Review

Allu Arjun and Trivikram are determined to strike back with “Julayi” as their previous films ‘Badrinath’ and ‘Khaleja’ failed at the tills ringing. Both the director Trivikram and Arjun are supposedly burning the extra calories to make this film a hit. ‘Gabbar Singh’ and ‘Racha’ hitting the bull’s eye, Pawan Kalyan and Charan had a great year so far. If Julayi also comes in the hit zone, Mega fans can ask nothing else than joy the success of their heroes. One of the most anticipated film this year “Julayi” audio released by Powerstar Pawan Kalyan yesterday (June 10th). Devi Sri Prasad scored music for the film. Let’s check out the audio review…

Song: Julaayi
Singers: Suchit Sureshan, Priya Hemesh
Lyrics: Rama Jogayya Sastri

Julayi title track is peppy, energetic one blend with mass beats and western beats. Suchit Sureshan sings it with muscularity while, Priya Hamesh pitches well at the end of the song. Penned by Rama Joggaya Sastri, a perfect start for the whole album with DSP mark beats.

Song-Osey Osey
Singer-Jessie Gift
Lyrics-Sri Mani

The song can be labelled as a Telugu Mass-Western track, which takes some hearing before you see yourself humming the lines of the number. Jessie Gift makes it more interesting by shifting to low and high pitches constantly. Sri Mani should be praised for penning funky lyrics “Osey Osey nannu utikesi areyki, osey osey nannu tittesi pomake”.

Song-Chakkani Bike Undi
Singer-Tippu, Megha
Lyrics-Sri Mani

This is a song exclusively for the youth. Lyrics were very well written by Sri Mani. They are not only catchy but also interesting to listen. Though it had Tippu and Megha crooning behind the mike, their voice too didn’t lift the song, an average number in the audio.

Song-Pakdo Pakdo
Singer-Malgadi Subha, Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics-Rama Jogayya Sastry

DSP came out with a pop flair ‘Pakdo Pakdo Pakdo… Daudo daudo ninu appedi evaru’. This track works well because of the chasy lyrics and catchy tune. Mulgadi Subha is an active singer who sings songs that are full of joy and zest and this is no exception. Nice Track!!!

Song-Mee Inti Mundu
Singer-Sagar, Raina Reddy
Lyricist-Sri Mani

Me Inti Mundu song starts off with beautiful sound that gives a fresh intoxicating sound. While the song continues with the chorus singing along with up-front drums beats and different instrumental sounds, perhaps it shows its most veritable quality. Sri Mani penned very simple lines but catchy ones. And DSP turned this ‘Me Inti Mundu’ into a high-energy piece which is actually interesting to listen.

Song-O Madhu
Singer-Adnan Sami
Lyricist-Devi Sri Prasad

Here comes my favorite track of the album “O Madhu” is fun, but sweet and romantic. Clearly and plainly sung by Adnan Sami, the charming song is cutely written by Devi Sri Prasad. The way the love is expressed in these lyrics sounds so lovely. The rhythm has a steady beat in this instrumental bit and the composition pattern altogether sounds good. Its Adorable track!!

Survi Verdict:

Allu Arjun and DSP share a good rapport. All films that featured the duo together had hit songs. Even Julayi songs are energetic, rhythmic, youthful, enjoyable and romantic. Devi Sri Prasad has the talent to compose a much better album. Still Julayi a Trendy Album to listen to!!

My Picks: O Madhu, Me Inti Mundu, Julayi and Pakdo Pakdo…

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