Shri Kishore’s Sasesham (2012) Movie Review


Cast: Vikram Shekar, Supriyaa, Haasini, Satyam Rajesh, Bobby, Poojitha, Bhaskar and Jagadeeswari
Direction: Shri Kishore
Production: Shri Kishore
Music: KC Mouli
Censor Certificate: A
Runtime: 135 Minutes
Watched at Odeon, Hyderabad

Story: Sri Ram (Vikram Sekhar) is a script writer of popular Serial “Nelavanka”. To complete script work of his serial Sriram goes to Lake view guest house in Nallamala. Few incidents make him see the ghosts around. On his way back after completing his script work, he comes across an incident. Will he return from the guest house? How a Screen writer face ghosts in life? Forms the rest of the story line.

Performance: Vikram Shekar is okay in his character. Fatty Supriyaa is just average. Child actress gave the best performance in the movie. Satyam Rajesh as detective James Pond is fine. All the other characters are relatively new and they were appropriate.

Technical Aspects: The basic storyline is interesting. Screenplay of the film is pretty bad. Direction is very amateurish. Dialogues by Anil are good in parts. Two songs by K C Mouli are good. Cinematography is nice. Madhusudan Editing is alright. Production values are fair to middling.

Survi Verdict: Sasesham starts with some interesting scenes, but lags a lot in the middle. Second half is slightly better. The positive points are story line, music and cinematography. The negative points are lead cast, direction, screenplay and lack of gripping narration. On the whole, Sasesham does not offer anything but for a couple of well filmed scenes. You can safely avoid watching in theaters.

Survi Review: 1/5

Bottom Line: Its Inspired from 1990 Thriller Misery..

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