Joe Carnahan’s The Grey (2012) Movie Review

Genres: Thriller, Drama, Action, Adventure

Starring: Joe Anderson, Frank Grillo, Dallas Roberts, Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney

Directed by: Joe Carnahan

Screenwriters: Joe Carnahan, Ian Mackenzie Jeffers

In Alaska, oil drilling team struggle to survive after a plane crash strands them in the wild. Hunting the humans is a pack of wolves that see them as intruders. This tale of survival is a surprisingly philosophical one.  Liam Neeson does a great acting job in the movie, and this role suit very nice to him. Dermont Mulroney, Dallas Roberts, Joe Anderson and Ben Bray add nice support. Joe Carnahan (THE A-TEAM fame) delivers a raw, pure, thriller that delivers on every level. Fascinating cinematography by Takayanagi , reflecting wonderfully the landscapes in the superb locations. suspensive and worthy musical score by Marc Streitenfield , as well as affective. There were quite a few other holes or illogical moves as well. A better screenplay and editing could have covered many of the loop holes. If you like to download movies that have a lot of survival stuff, action and bring in the whole Man Vs. Wolves theme you’re going to love The Grey. Worth a Watch movie and don’t miss the surprise after the End Credits.

Survi Review: 3.25/5

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