Balaji Shaktivel’s Premalo Padithe (2012) Movie Review



Cast: Mithun, Sri, Urmila Mahanta, Manisha Yadav

Genre: Romance

Director: Balaji Sakthivel

Music Director: Prasanna

Censor Rate: U/A

Run Time: 124 minutes


Premalo padithe starts off with a Police investigation where protagonist enters and reveals his version of the incident. Venu (Sri) a roadside Dhaba Hotel worker falls in love seeing the kind heart of Jyothi (Manisha Yadhav), But Jyothi dont like due to his first un impressive introduction. On the other hand Aarthi a intermidiate girl , who is a daughter of upper middle class family. A playboy (Mithun) from the same apartment tries flat her with his show off stuff. Aarthi falls in love with him seeing his good behaviour. One fine day Both of them go for a long drive were the dude tries to make a MMS of her. Will he make that will aarthi know the fact ? Will Venu convey his love to Jyothi ? WHat happens forms the rest of the storyline.


Debut-ants Mithun, Sri, Urmilla, Manisha Yadav given decent performances. Sri did well. Mithun is adequate. Urmilla has got a pivotal character and she does justice. Manisha Yadav is cute. A cameo dance sequence by Producer Suresh Kondeti was funny. Rest of the cast was supportive.

Technical Aspects:

Story of the film is routine. Screenplay is flat. Direction by Balaji Shaktivel leaves a lot to be desired. Narration of the film is Old fashioned. Dialogues by Sashank Vennalakanti are natural. Music by Prassana is fine. Editing is OK. Costumes by Srinu were apt. Production values are decent.

Survi Verdict:

First half of the Premalo Padithe is Very slow. So is the second half. Positives of Premalo Padithe are Performances and Screenplay arc. The quality of Balaji Shaktivel’s work is descending from film to film. The major drawbacks of the film is routine handling of script and slow narration by the director. On a whole, Premalo Padithe is an uninspiring film .

 Survi Review: 2/5

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