Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayathe — Child Sexual Abuse


Where last episode of Satyamev Jayathe wass an eye – opener, Aamir this time comes up with unique issue “Child Sexual Abuse”.  When there are laws to save Goons and Criminals from the law. I was literally in shock when i got to know there is not even a single law on Child Abuse.

This week’s Satyamev Jayathe team works on the “Child Sexual Abuse” issue. As many as 53 per cent, or one in every two children, are victims of child sexual abuse, which often happens at the hands of a trusted person, within the home. Parents must be vigilant and sensitive to their children’s signals; and a robust and specific law against child sexual abuse is needed.

The Episodes of  Cindrella Prakash, Harish Iyer and Ganesh Nallari were just wrenching pain. There are not only females who suffer the child sexual abuse its males who face major part of child sexual abuse in India. Happy to see Sridevi joining SMJ hands against Child Sexual Abuse. Do watch and support Satyamev Jayathe . SMJ may not lasts long because its not a commerical venture. But you cant question its motive or intent.

Satyamev Jayathe – Child Sexual Abuse (Hindi):

Satyamev JayateChild Sexual Abuse (Telugu):

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