Ivan Engler’s Cargo (2009) Movie Review


Starring Martin Rapold, Michael Finger, Claude-Oliver Rudolph, Yangzom Brauen, Pierre Semmler, Regula Grauwiller, Gilles Tschudi, Anna-Katharina Schwabroh, Maria Boettner, Noa Strupler, and directed by Ivan Engler.

Watched on Blue-Ray

Directors: Ivan Engler

Writers: Arnold Bucher, Ivan Engler, Patrik Steinmann

Cargo takes place in the year 2267. Due to environmental destruction (a path our society is undoubtedly on in reality), Earth has become uninhabitable by humans. Now the human race is essentially quarantined to a bunch of overcrowded space stations. which orbit the Earth. Cargo takes place on rusty space-freighter KASSANDRA on its way to Station 42. The young medic Laura is the only one awake on board while the rest of the crew lies frozen in hibernation sleep. Only in 4 months will Laura’s shift be over. During her daily patrols, through the eerily empty ship, Laura begins to get the feeling that she is not alone on-board. A discovery mission in the dark and ice-cold cargo hold ends in catastrophe. The remainder of the crew is awakened. A cat and mouse game begins in which nothing is what it seems. What lies hidden in the strange freight containers and who, or what, is also on-board? Story line is revolved around one possible distant future where people live in hope ot find another earth like planet where previliaged with money will be able to start new life. Earth are over run by terrorists and many are deceived to believe that earth resource are ran out and unhabitable. Movie misses the freshness, Cargo runs on the similar lines of Alien (1979) and Moon (2009) with little twists around and no alien. Anna-Katharina Schwabroh, Martin Rapold, Michael Finger, Claude-Oliver Rudolph, Yangzom Brauen are good in their respective roles. Director Ivan Engler has done a commendable job. But he fails to build up any tension, just repeats proved science fiction classics. Even the run time of the movie makes you bored.  The cinematography is crisp and stunning. In the limited budget special effects were of tremendous quality especially for a non-Hollywood flick. Every space structure from the outside looked amazing. Cargo is an Visually stunning but fails to engage the audience till the end. Movie has every thing imported from its predecessors like Moon, Alien and 2001: A Space Odyssey. On the whole, Cargo is a ORDINARY Sci-fI flick with Extra Ordinary Visual Effects and Cinematography.

Survi Review: 2.5/5

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