Boyapati Srinivas’s Dammu (2012) Movie Review


Cast & Crew :Jr. Ntr , Trisha Krishnan, Karthika Nair, Brahmanandam, Tanikella Bharani, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ali, Bhanupriya, Abhinaya, Nassar and Suman
Director :Boyapati Srinu
Music :M.M. Keeravani
Run Time :2 hrs 40 mins


Jr. NTR is due for a Hit since Brindavanam (2010),  In this period couple of flicks like Shakti (2011), Oosaravelli (2011) released ended up as flop and average fare at box office. Highly anticipated film Dammu is all set for a grand release worldwide today. Dammu is making buzz for its lavish production values, NTR’s amazing dance, Trisha and Karthika’s glamour and Keeravani’s music. Dammu is said to be a high voltage action entertainer. Let’s check out the review for more details…


Story-line: Dammu starts off with a 70years old rivalry in-between two Royal families in a village. Vasi Reddy aka. Suman and Nasser families kill each other’s family members for dominant power in village. Unfortunately Naseer family kills every male in Vasi Reddy family and takes village under his control for the next 25 years. At present Rama Chandra (NTR) is adopted by Veera Durgam (Kota Srinivasa Rao) family of Vasi Reddy and is named as Vijaya Dwaja Simha. How does he solve the rivalry? Will he change his motto of not killing people? Does Vasi Reddy family raise their power in village forms the rest of the story line…


Performances: Brilliant performance from Jr NTR who is totally absorbed in the two characters. He marvelously conveys vulnerability, strength and determination. Besides looking real, Jr. NTR has put all of himself in to the role of Vijay. Trisha looks pretty, But looked matured than NTR in the flick. Karthika performance was middling. Lead pair chemistry was missing in the movie.  Bhanupriya looks good and has done her role very well. Kota Srinivas Rao’s performance is very good. Suman has rendered good support. Ali provided decent comedy. Rest of the cast was supportive.


Technical Aspects: It is MM Keeravani who needs to be mentioned first among other technicians. He gave excellent tunes to all the songs and the mesmerizing BGM that needs a special mention. Next comes the cinematography by Arthur A Wilson. Both in Hyderabad and in Village, he showed his prowess in capturing the locales with his camera. Dialogues by Ratnam are good in parts, aimed at masses and some of the double meaning dialogues were forced to be withdrawn as per the advice of censor board.


* Naaku digaali anipisthe diganu, Janam rammani pilisthe aaganu..

* Simham Naalugu Adugulu Venakki Vesedi Egeri Korakadaanike


* Charithra ni emana nee amma kanindhaa raa..Charithra srushtinche vaadu epudu cheppi raadu..Vasthadu….Charithra Srushtishatu.. Vellipothadu


Hattrick director Boyapati Srinivas never faced a failure in his career. Direction of the film is adequate. The screenplay should have been better. The director concentrated more on massy fights and Dialogues than Intense narration. He failed to carry the emotional feel and intensity through out the movie. Boyapati must be appreciated for the Interval bang and emotional pre climax episode. Story is not that great and is quite predictable one, the ability of the director made it quite interesting in parts. Editing of the film could have been better.


Survi Verdict: The first half of the film is average till the pre interval episode and the goosebumpish interval raises hype to the peak stage. Second Half runs on the predictable mode, but pre climax episode where few emotional scenes with Abhinaya and Venu works out very well, but director failed to continue the intensity till the climax. Positives of Dammu are Jr. NTR, BGM, Cinematography, Dialogues, Interval Bang and Pre Climax episode. On the flip side its Predictable plain second half, Thin storyline, Excessive bloodshed, Emotional Feel, Intensity in Scenes and Placing of songs. On the whole, Fans and Mass Fans can enjoy the film for other it’s just OKAY.

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