Yashwanth nag’s Neeku Naaku Dash Dash (2012) Music Review [First On Net]

Director: TEJA
Music Director:  Yashwanth Nag (Radio Mirchi)
Total Songs: 8 + 2 Bhavya ads.
Singers:  Deepak, Sharanya, Gayatri,Sindhu, Yashwanth Nag,Abhiram, Lipsika, Naresh Iyer, Chinmayi, Dheeraj, Shruti, Balu, Kalpana.
Lyrics: Balaji (5), Anand (2), Sai (1)

Director TEJA is returning to silver screen after a BIG gap of 4 years after his previous release KEKA (2008). Teja is going to introduce 42 New Comers with this movie. Yashwanth Nag (Radio Mirchi) is debuting as Music Director with this flick. Teja’s Flicks never disappointed with its MUSIC irrespective of movie result.  Even Neku Naku Dash Dash has Impressive audio, let’s check out the review for more details.

Song: Boy… Boy…
Lyrics: Sai
Singers: Deepak, Sharanya, Gayatri, Sindhu

This Youthful album starts off with a peppy song “Boy … Boy…” with nice blend of Male and Female singers. Its tempo catches the attention of music lovers and esp. of the Teenagers. Whipping musical background gives this album a promising start.

Song: Nuvve Nenanana…
Lyrics: Anand
Singers: Yashwanth Nag

 A really nice song with the shrill and clear output and there is a strong tendency of the song being good when Music Director Yashwanth Nag sits in driving seat to deliver it. The music sounds delicate and beautiful throughout the song. It’s a very pleasant song to listen to.

Song: Chekumuki Vadana
Lyrics: Balaji
Singers: Abhiram, Lipsika

Amatory and catchy, the tune is a jounce of this song. ‘Chekumuki’ is a fast paced, exciting duet with a hitting instrumental. The lyrics written by Balaji boost the right kind of mood and make the song passionate. Lipsika, the best suitable singer for this song for which Abhiram’s voice also gels well. Overall, it’s a decent song to listen.

Song: Neekopam
Lyrics: Balaji
Singers: Naresh Iyer, Chinmayi

Song aimed at motivating and inspiring those listening to it, Yashwanth Nag has allowed lyrics and singers to dominate this song. Neekopam is a SOFT and MOONIER duet coupled with Naresh Iyer and Chinmayi enchanting VOCALS make this song a LUSCIOUS listening experience. One of the best songs in the AUDIO.

Song: Aapakura
Lyrics: Balaji
Singers: Shruti , Dheeraj

Aapakura starts off simple with delicate music and then builds with graceful vocals. I especially find these kinda chords and chorus nice to my ears, that’s how I enjoyed this song. Aapakura is a okay song with Passable composition.

Song: Parugu Parugu
Lyrics: Balaji
Singers: Yashwanth nag, Balu

Here comes the HEAVY beat BGM , which I was missing in Tollywood Flicks from long time. The DRUM beats and parugu Parugu Chorus will surely rise your HEART beat… The good Vocals and Intensity in the song provide Goosebum-ish experience. KUDOS Yashwant.

Song: Dash Dash
Lyrics: Anand
Singers: Kalpana, yashwanth Nag

This is the first song I heard from the ALBUM. A true chef-d’oeuvre focused for the YOUTH. This song is addictive in the first instance. Kalpana and Yashwanth Nag combi is too good. These variations in the song and Chorus are Mesmerizing. A Teja mark FOLK song and its seriously addictive.

Song: Praanam ani Thalachi
Lyrics: balaji
Singers: Yashwanth nag

Praanam Ani Thalachi is very nice is an emotional song, Balaji explained the pain of love through his lyrics. Yashwanth Nag has put his SOUL into this song, Im sure TEJA gonna give LIFE to the track on screen. It’s a wonderful track to listen.

Survi Verdict:

All the tracks in NEEKU NAKU DASH DASH are energetic and Youthful, sometimes music is a bit loud, but it’s an exception for TEJA themed movies. Debutant Music Director Yashwanth Nag came out with a well crafted audio.  My Picks are Dash Dash, Parugu Parugu, Praanam Ani Thalachi, Neekopam.  It’s a balanced album go for it guys.

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