Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Paan Singh Tomar (2012) Movie Review

Movie Name: Paan Singh Tomar

Star Cast: Irrfan Khan, Mahie Gill, Zakir Hussain, Vipin Sharma, Rajendra Gupta, Khan Jahangir Khan, Brijendra Kala

Director: Tigmanshu Dhulia

Producer: Ronnie Screwvala

Music Directer: Abhishek Ray

Watched at Inox, Hyderabad

I’m one the folk who got fed up with regular romantic flicks and westernized flicks in recent times which do nothing exceptional other than just showing a reel couple – falls in love – gets separated – finally gets together. But Paan Singh Tomar made me excited with its first trailer and unique synopsis. Even though, it was directed by one of those directors whom I admire a lot for his wonderful story telling in Shagird and Shaheb Biwi aur Gangster. He is the only director who doesn’t believe star power for good and successful movie. Though I was unable to catch the flick even after planning for five times and failing, made it today and I’m glad I made it.

Paan Singh Tomar is the true story of an army athlete driven by high dose of epinephrine to serve the nation and save his family. Being a food lover Tomar was not allowed to eat more. Taking his seniors suggestions he gets into army sports team after delivering major Masand’s (Vipin Sharma) Ice Cream slice in his flat before it gets melted. That’s how Tomar rolls out of army base to army athletics player for Services. Wins lot of medals for services and even creates a NATIONAL record in steeplechase. On the other side, In Chambal Tomar gets to know about his elder brother illegal acquisition of family land takes Voluntary retirement to settle his family disputes. When no help is provided from government collector and Police regarding the acquisition of land. Even then Tomar desides to stay away from the dispute. But his blood boils for avenge when his elder brother attacks Tomar’s family kills one. How Tomar take the situation? Will Tomar stay calm? Will he avenge? Will he get back to Army again? Forms rest of the storyline.

Irrfan Khan does one of the best roles of his career. He performs as Paan Singh Tomar in an extremely convincing manner. Deeper One Liners aid him to make his character click. Mahi Gill is good in her limited role. Imran Hasnee and Vipin come out with a neat performance. Casting is perfect in the movie, all suited and performed well in the movie.

The basic story is about how an army athlete takes up arms to dispense justice. Subjects of this nature need extremely good narrative skills and gripping screenplay. Director Tigmanshu Dhulia’s who has come up with engaging screenplay for films like Shaheb Biwi aur Gangster and Hasil. But he fails to create emotional bond inbetween the characters and the audience, which could have made Paan Singh Tomar a cult.

Abhishek Ray’s music is good goes with mood; Background music by Sandeep Chowta Projects is mediocre at its best. Aseem Mishra,s Cinematography is neat. Fight sequences by Kaushal Moses is natural. Editing (Aarti Bajaj) is crisp. Dialogues are good, one liners for Irrfan’s character were perfect.

First half of the film is engaging when Paan Singh Tomar becomes Athlete repute in the Indian Army serve Services for Steeplechase. Second half turns into a revenge drama, but emotional scenes were not perfectly blended that how film fails to drive at the compassionateness. The Plus points of the movie are Irrfan Khan, Direction, Technical values and Dialogues. The negatives are Documentary Feel, Emotional Bond, and Dragged in bits. On the whole, Paan Singh Tomar an fine attempt towards meaningful cinema giving powerful MESSAGE and ENTERTAINMENT in its own way. I recommend It.

Paan Singh Tomar premiered at the 2010 British Film Institute London Film Festival. Not sure why it got delayed. Perhaps UTV Films can throw some light on this issue. Why they delayed a meaning full film for 2 years.?

Survi Review: 3.5/5

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