Prakash Tholeti’s Naa Istam (2012) Movie Review

Starring: Rana Daggubati, Genelia Dsouza, Harshavardhan, Subbaraju, Nazer… Etc

Director: Prakash Toleti

Censor Certificate: U/A

Runtime: 140 Minutes

Reels: 14

Music: Chakri

Watched at Sensation Sunshine, Hyderabad

After Prestigious debut with Leader, Rana falls back with Nenu Nanna Rakshasi.  But he promises his fans that he will give everything what audience expects in a flick with “Naa Istam”. It’s the first commercial flick for Daggubati Rana. Genelia Deshmukh plays the female lead in the movie.  Let’s check out more about the movie from the review.

Gani (Rana) a self-interested young guy who works in Malaysia. Krishnaveni (Genelia Deshmukh) escapes from her family to marry her love Kishore (Harshavardhan Rane) in Malaysia. But Kishore messes up with another work and does not make it to meeting spot. Where Genelia falls into trap of gang of roughnecks, in the attempt of saving Krishna Veni Gani looses 10 lakhs. To encash the amount Ganesh plans to deliver Krishna Veni and get this money from Krishna’s father Naidu (Nasser). After reaching India Gani realizes that Krishna Veni getting married to wrong person and escapes her to Malaysia. Why did selfish Ganesh think of Krishna? Will Kishore meet his Love? Did Gani Fall in Love with Krishna? Whom did Krishnaveni choose to marry forms the rest of the storyline…

Rana Daggubati gave his best performance till date. In Addition to his self interestedcharacterization there is a bits of comedy which he had done a complete justice. However he needs to work to lingo and fluency in Telugu. Genelia is fair to middling. She missed the charm, which she used to have in her early days. Thakita Thakita fame Harshavardhan Rane is back with a decent performance in limited role. Bhramanandam provided the much required entertainment in the flick. Chitram Srinu, Raghu, Ali supported well. Rest of the cast was okay.

When one takes such crisp storyline, it’s very important to have a decent screenplay and reasonable direction. The screenplay and Narration falls short. Music by Chakri is very good. Songs were decent on screens but the timing of the songs that’s what made mess of decent album. Background Music by china is fine. Dialogues were good in parts. Editing could have been better. Cinematography was of First Rate. Fight Sequences were mediocre. Choreography was upright. Production values were good.

Survi Verdict:

Naa Istam First Half is average with some decent punch lines and bits of comedy. Second Half gets a bit boring with Dragged climax and predictable narration. The plus points of the film are Rana, Cinematography, Situational Dialogues, and Fights. On the flip side lack of FEEL, Routine Screenplay, Slow Narration, and Lead Pair Chemistry. On the whole, Naa Istam – Rana’s best efforts wasted with ROUNTINE stuff – Does not live up to expectations.

Survi Review: 2/5

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