Paneerselvam’s Renigunta (2012) Movie Review


Cast: Johny,Sanusha,Sandeep,Ganesan,Thamizh,Nishant

Language: Telugu

Director: Paneerselvam

Producer: Suresh Kondeti

Music Director: Ganesh Ragavedran


Siva (Johny) sees his parents killed before his own eyes but when he goes to take revenge on the rowdy who did the deed, it is he who is sent off to jail because of the rowdy’s connections. He meets criminal boys (Nishant, Ganesan, Thamizh and Sandeep), who help him escape and also get his revenge. The five take the train with the intention of moving to Mumbai but end up in Renigunta instead, where they are recruited by a man who knew them in the past. Sakthi also meets a deaf and dumb girl(Sanusha), who makes him yearn for a more normal life.


Johny fits the character perfectly. Nishant, Ganesan, Thamizh, Sandeep did well, provided decent situational humor too. Heroine Sanusha is impressive. Acting wise everyone did a fine job.

Technical Support:

Screenplay of the film is very decorous. The sequence of scenes in the first half is very skillful. Direction of thse film is average and predictable. Music by Ganesh Raghavendra is fine. Dialogues lack punch. Cinematography is neat. Dubbing is decent. V.V.Vinayak voice over is good. Photography is adequate. The runtime of 155minutes is very lengthy. Crisp editing could have made the flick more appropriate for watching in Telugu. The film is good scene wise; one gets a feeling that the screenplay is not gripping enough to grab the attention of viewer to maintain it till the end of the film. The direction of the movie is clean. Narration of the film lacks pace and spice. Production values are good.

Survi Verdict:

First half starts of slow, but movie provides situation entertainment with right propositions towards intermission. There is a fair to middling in the second half and it picks towards pre climax, but climax falls flat. Pace of the film is very slow. Positives of Renigunta are Performances, Situational scenes, First Half and on the flip side it’s Drags in between, Tamil Nativity, Climax and Run Time. On the whole, Renigunta is worth a watch movie for those who don’t mind watching Tragic, Violent and Raw Tamil Flick.

Survi Review: 2.5/5 (0.5 more for decent First Half)

Tit-Bit: Movie a sort of inspired from “City of Gold”.

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