Maruti’s Ee Rojullo (2012) Movie Review

Cast: Sreenivas, Reshma, MS Narayana, Ambati Rambabu, Sai, Gavara Sekhar, Madhumani, Sankar Rao, Kanna, Venky, Bhargavi, Vishnu Priya, Bindu, Rakshita etc


Director: Maruti


Music Director: JB


Censor Rate: U


Runtime: 128.26min


Watched at Inox (Screen 1), Hyderabad


Ee Rojullo is a romantic comedy entertainer movie. New comers Sreenivas and Reshma are playing lead roles. Maruthi is making his debut as a director and SKN is the executive producer of this film that has been made on Good Cinema Group. JB Has composed the music for this film. Trailers of the movie attracted everyone from Day one itself. Let’s check out the review for more details…


Eerojullo is a love story between Sree (Sreenivas) and Shriya (Reshma), who howlers to never to trust a girl and Friendship with boys or fall in love.  Sree and Shreya Meet each other with an incident. First they didn’t like each other quarrel every time they met. Later Shriya believing sree’s lie develops friendship with him. As they get closer surprising twists surround the romantic tale. Why did Sree prevaricate? Did shriya like Sree even after knowing the Lie?  Will Sree convince Shriya and family to marry her forms the rest of the storyline…


Srinivas fits to the skin of the character does adequate job. Reshma looks good, performed very well. Even characterization is very good in the flick.  The lead pair chemistry looked very good. Sai as Friend of Sree provides decent comedy. MS Narayana provided entertaining cameo. Bhargavi and ambati srinivas were good in their roles. Rest of the cast supported the lead cast very well.


Though story of the movie is very thin, which showcases today’s Love and Friendship in between a girl and boy. Screenplay of the film is neat and entertaining. Debutant Director “Maruti” did an impressive job with direction and execution. Cinematography by J Prabhakar Reddy is impressive. He utilized Canon 5D and Locations to his best. Dialogues by Maruti were good and ambidextrous. Editing could have been Crispier. Music by JB is good. Even BGM is excellent. Production Values by Good Cinema Group was Nice.


Survi verdict:


The film starts on an interesting quirky and interesting note. The first half of the film is entertaining and Second half is predictable and lags a bit but funny to make audience enjoy till the end. The positives of the film are modern-day script, decent performances, Dialogues, Songs. On the flip side its double-dealing conversation, over raunchy scenes and a bit dragged second half. Family audience may not enjoy this flick. But Teenage and youth will find it totally entertaining. It’s worth a watch if u like Modern Romantic Tales.


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  1. worst worth movie just like a short film extention vulgar jokes comedy getting 35 is a fun it also of no voice clarity 1.5/5 is a perfect suit ..

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