Ani Kanneganti’s Mr.Nookayya (2012) Movie Review


Casting: Manchu Manoj Kumar, Kriti Kharbanda, Sana Khan

Director: Ani Krishna

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Length: 140minutes

Watched at Metro 70mm, Hyderabad

Nookayya (Manoj) a cell phone thief who wants to settle down in life by doing wrong things. Anuradha (Kriti) husband was kidnapped by a local goon Shazahan (Murali Sharma). He asks for two crore rupees to leave Anu’s husband. Meanwhile Nookayya steals the money from Anu, who has stolen that money from her bank. Manoj gets a lifetime shock from his lover and friend and repents. He stands in support to Anuradha and what happens next is to be seen on screen.

Manchu Manoj is impressive in his character; he scored maximum scenes with distinction with his mannerisms and impeccable timing. Kriti Kharbanda is good as sensitive beautiful lover of Raja. She is cute in the flick. Sana Khan is buoyant and naughty in the film. However her role turns from voluptuous to bad in the end. Murli Sharma is good as usual. Brhmanandam, Ahuti Prasad provided decent comedy. Rests of the characters were supportive.

Taking and techniques of Ani Krishna is first class. The framing of scenes is foreseeable. Screenplay by Ani Krishna is a bit on the drop-off as he took too much of time to establish simple story line in impressive way. Direction by Ani is good in parts. Sometimes action scenes overly dominated senti sequences. The narration of the film is slow. Dialogues by Paruchuri Brothers are natural. Music by Yuvan Shanker Raja is an Asset to the film. “Pista Pista & Ye Janma Bandhamo” looked pretty good on screen. Editing is not upto the mark. Cinematography by B.Rajasekar is superior. Fights are adequate. Production values are good.

Survi Verdict:

Mr. Nookayya starts off neat, but slips into spell of boredom in the middle, later comes back to regular pace at interval. Second half of the film is far better than the first half. Story of the film very crisp and predictable. So the element of surprise or Thrill missed in the movie. Even the narration of the film is very slow. On the whole, Mr.Nookayya is not worth your ticket until and unless you are diehard fan of Songs or Manchu Manoj.

When they are making a movie where there is excessive usage of Mobile, don’t know why they collaborated and made every theft mobile CELKON Brand which looked ODD. Mr. CELKON would have been apt title for the movie.

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2 thoughts on “Ani Kanneganti’s Mr.Nookayya (2012) Movie Review

  1. movie can be fit into 1:40min..which could entertain a lot…but taking is really excellent …story is very much dragged in a lot of parts…songs r excellent but in 1st half it interrupts story a lot and misses d feel of story….any way rocking taking by ANI is supperb…

  2. 2.5/5 rating but as manchu manoj did awesome performence as a real hero so it cud be give 2.8/5 song’s were good different story..

    visualisation of starting 3 song’s are awesome as perfect as album .’.

    but, some boring concept in first half 🙁 but dragged by Manoj acting …

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