Ameer Sultan’s Malligadu (2012) Movie Review [First On Net]


Starring: Karthik, Saravanan, Priya Mani
Director: Ameer (Director of Ram)
Music Director: Yuvan
Watched Special Screening, Hyderabad

After ‘Naa Peru Shiva’ Karti is coming up with ‘Malligadu’ which is a debut for him in Tamil, to entertain Telugu Movie lovers. This is the dubbed version of Karthi’s hit Tamil film Paruthiveeran. Lets check out review for more details.


Malli (Karthi) is a rowdy troublemaker who continuously goes to jail with his Chinna Nanna (Saravanan), who joins him instead of stopping him. Mallika (Priyamani) is his cousin and she is madly in love with him. Priyamani’s father, on the other hand, hates Malli and his uncle because of his caste beliefs. Malli ignores Mallika’s love and concentrates mostly on becoming more and more notorious. One day, Malli realizes how much his cousin loves him and falls in love with her. The rest of the story is how Malli goes against Priyamani’s father to keep their love alive. Forms the rest of the story-line.

Pleasurable Performances:

For those who don’t know Malligadu is Karthi’s first movie, so better don’t start comparing his acting with his previous releases in Telugu. Karthi performance was like veteran in his debut flick and gives a brilliant performance as Malli. Nellore slang for Karthi’s character didn’t fit. Priyamani dominated with her role in the movie, Even she dominated Karthi in some scenes. Her performance in the end is just splendid. Saravanan performed well in his character and rest of the characters for supportive.

 Technical Treasures:

The story of the movie is nothing new. Its just casual story line between a couple who are in love, which involves family prestige & conflicts in it. The only difference is Ameer narrates it in a RAW Tamil flavor which might not be accepted by Telugu audience, But that’s what made wonders in Kollywood. The film is quite slow in the first half and lags a lot in the second. Music by Yuvan Shanker Raja is one of the major asset of the movie. “Na Gundellona” and starting childhood song were nicely composed. Especially the BGM perfect fit to the scenes. Cinematography is First Rate. Editing could have more crispier, post interval song and scenes can be easily edited. Malligadu is an Ordinary flick with an extraordinary acting skills. Production values by studio green are good.

Survi Verdict:

First half of the film is a let down. Second half is slightly better. But Tamil nativity climax fails to impress. The plus point of the film are Performances, Music and Cinematography. The negative points are raw screenplay and feckless handling of the movie. There is also lot of sexual perversion in the movie which might not appeal to the family audience. On a whole, After successful movies like Yuganiki Okkadu, Awara, Naa Peru Shiva.. Malligadu is a let down. Normal audience can safely avoid watching this film. Hope Karthi comes back strong with his next venture “Shakuni”.

Survi Review: 2/5

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