Vikram Kumar’s Ishq (2012) Movie Review (First On Net)

Cast: Nithin , Nithya Menon, Ajay, Naagineedu, Sindu Tulani.

Certificate: U/A

Director:   Vikram K Kumar

Producer:   M Vikram Gaud

Music Director:   Anup Rubens

Watched at Special Screening, Hyderabad

Nitin probably the biggest flop star in Tollywood in business right now, after series of flops after SYE. He changed his looks in ISHQ and tried to do out and out romantic entertainer with good technical values. The Audio and Trailers generated promising impact on the movie. Nitin and everyone are pretty sure about the movie success. It’s the first movie after his successful completion of Nitin’s DECADE as an actor in Tollywood. Let’s check out the review for more details…

Rahul (Nitin) Hyderabad dude studying in Delhi college simple boy who catches glimpse of Priya (Nitya Menon) in an Heavy Traffic Jam unfortunately both miss to meet there. But fate makes them meet again at the airport. Inclemency forces the flight to land in Goa. Where Rahul and Priya bond with each other during this short-run at Goa. But past of Rahul catches up with him soon and blocks in their love.  The rest of the story is all about how he succeeds in Love.

Nitin shed some weight to make his presence innocence; he was completely at his best and shown complete authority over his emotions and expressions. It’s could have been better this film will be a personal favorite flick for Nitin for the kind of freshness and character. Nitya Menon looks cute in the film, done a neat job. She is extremely good in sarees and in Goa episodes. She did well in her limits. Ajay has different shades in his character, he was good in his role. He generated comedy in few scenes where he was in frustration. Sindu Tulani is natural as sister of Nitin. Rohini performed well in her limited character. Ali got a decent role and he generated neat comedy. Nagineedu, Supreet are adequate. Thagubothu Ramesh was wasted. Rest of the cast was okay.

Story of the film is routine one, but with a different screenplay. The Film is all about how hero wins the heart of Lover’s family to marry her. Direction by Vikram Kumar who made his debut with ISTAM (2001) and 13B comes up with an OKAY first half, but second half runs in predictable mode with some interesting screenplay at pre climax. Screenplay should have been more compact. Music by Anup Rubens and Arvind Shanker is good. Background Music sounded a bit inspired though. Dialogues by Ramesh Samala were natural and humorous in parts. Cinematography by P C Sriram is major asset of the movie. He had given soul to movie and songs. The locations are very good. Editing by Sreekar Prasad is alright. Stunts and Choreography are good. Production Values by Vikram Goud were grand.

Scenes I Liked:

  • Nitya Menon – Nitin Teasing and Imitating at the Airport
  • Scenes with Jaya Aunty (Rohini) at the marriage
  • Ali scenes with Ajay
  • Ajay- Nitin’s Petrol sequence at airport

ISHQ is a soft film with not much of commercial and mass elements. The plus points of the film are Lead Pair Chemistry, Cinematography, and Music. On the flip side, the movie lacks commercial aspect, Basic Storyline compactness and Predictable narration. On the whole, ISHQ is a decent love film with adequate entertainment. Ishq is nice and neatly attempted Nitin flick in recent times. Go for it if you don’t mind watching a Class-Oriented love story.

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Survi Review: 2.75/5 (0.25 more for Cinematography and Songs)

Tag-Line: It’s a BANGLE love story!!

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