Veera Bhadram’s Poolarangadu (2012) Movie Review

Survi Review : Sunil's Poolarangadu

Star Cast: Sunil, Isha Chawla, Kota Srinivasan Rao, Ali, Pradeep Rawant, Pruthvi, Dev Gill
Director: Veera Bhadram
Producer: K Atchi Reddy
Banner: Max India Productions
Music: Anoop Rubens
Watched at Prasadz,Hyd

Survi Review: 2.75/5 (0.25 More for Sunil and Comedy)

Sunil with 6 pack body as Poolarangadu is dressed up to hit the screens today. Veerabhadram has directed the movie for producer Achi Reddy. Anoop Rubens scored the tunes for Poolarangadu. Isha Chawla is the heroine. Let’s Check out the review for more..


Ranga (Sunil) who’s under huge pressures due to his financial debacle. One day a person comes from Warangal to make Sunil re-enter the Real Estate business as it’s the only work he knows the best.  He buys land best deal available with the help of Eadhara Gavarraju (Prithvi).  But he releaises it’s the land that’s under dispute between two local landlords Konda Reddy (Dev Gill) and Lala Goud (Pradeep Rawat). Will Sunil successfully sell that land? Will the land lord leave Sunil for buying those 30 acres of land? How will sunil tackle them is the remaining Story-line.

Pleasure Performances:

Sunil performed really well in the movie. His dialogue delivery mellowed down a bit and histrionics are little subtle.  His dances moments were terrific. The entire film revolves around him and he did justice to the role. After successful debut with Prema Kavali, Isha Chawla bagged a good role in this movie.  She was adequate in her role. Pradeep Rawat and Dev Gill were fine as the main villain. Ali, Raghu Babu, Satyam Rajesh provided some good laughs. Prithviraj, Telangana Shakunthala supported well with their roles.

Technical Treasures:

The story of the movie includes 3 major categories Family scenes, Love, Mass elements. This blended well with good entertaining screenplay. Director Veerabadram after successful Aha Na Pellianta strikes the correct cords this time. This time he tried to do something different with this fil. He followed the correct trend and made film with entertaining background. His direction is fresh and decent. Seepana dialogues were one the major accent, his rhyming dialogues were just perfect.  Music by Anup Rubens is mediocre, But they are good to see on screen. Background Music is impressive.Prasad Moorella’s cinematography is neat, captured the beauty locations very well. The way he shot the climax fight in sepia mode was interesting. Editing was okay. Costumes were not even close to the trend. R.R.Movie maker’s production values were grand.

Scenes I Liked:

  • When sunil takes a vow to join Dev Gill’s Gang
  • Scenes to impress Isha Chawla at Dental Hospital
  • Sunil and Isha Chawla’s English conversations.
  • When Dev Gill speaks English in front of villagers.
  • When Sunil enters Isha Chawla’s house to take her out.

Survi Verdict:

First half of the film is Decent and second half is all right. The beginning part of the film, interval episode and lead episodes to climax are good. The plus points are Sunil, choreography, cinematography, comedy, 1st Half. The major drawback of the film is Predictable storyline, Slow Screenplay, Costumes. On a whole, Poola Rangadu is an decent family entertainer to watch out this week.

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One thought on “Veera Bhadram’s Poolarangadu (2012) Movie Review

  1. dialogues konni trivikram style lo rasina antha click avvale…….
    and its avg storyliner…..with avg direction….evrything avg……not even comedy is above avg…..2.75 ekkuve bhayya…2.5 ok

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