Satya Tatineni’s SMS [Shiva Manasulo Sruthi] (2012) Movie Review


Starring: Sudhir Babu, Regina, Naresh, Rohini
Director: Satya Tatineni
Producer: R B Choudary
Music: Selva Ganesh

Survi Review: 3/5

Sudheer Babu, the new hero from the Ghattamaneni family, is making his debut as a hero with SMS (Siva Manasulo Shruti). The movie is gearing up for a release today (10 Feb). Tatineni Satya is the director and he has directed the critically acclaimed ‘Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu’ in the past. Regina is the heroine in the film. Lets check out the review for more…

SMS movie all about Shiva (Sudhir) who works in a courier office and is a mass guy. He comes across Shruti (regina) in a train and falls in love with her. He lies that is an army man while Shruti who is an RJ at Radio Mirchi FM lies that she is an airhostess. When Shiva goes to meet Shruti, he discovers the truth. From then on, both try to corner each other. But in between that, Shruti starts developing feelings for Shiva. When the time comes for Shruti to express her feelings, the reaction from Shiva breaks her heart. She hates him and both part ways. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.

Coming to performances Sudheer Babu who has debuted with this flick given an decent performance and his athletics skills were used perfectly in the songs and fights sequences. Regina is the star to FOCUS and major ASSET of the movie. Her acting skills and cute features were perfectly blended in the movie.  Its the performance that will attract major audience. RJ Chanti comedy is Highlight of the movie. Rohini as Sudheer’s mother supported well but her inspired slang from Tamil version spoils her effective dialogues. Vennela Kishore is fine. Thaguboothu Ramesh was apt. Rest of the cast was good.

Selva Ganesh music and BGM is adequate. Couple of songs were good in picturization. Editing is average. Dialogues in the movie are  good. The sentimental dialogues are well written. Cinematography is an major technical asset. Though its an successful story-line, but its very thin line. Director Satya Tatineni deserve an applause for moderating some scenes and climax very well. Director successfully narrated and engaged audience through out the movie with some good entertainment and narration.

SMS (Shiva Manasulo Sruthi) First half of the film is fine. Second half dealt very well. Especially the way they handled the last half an hour is entertaining, and its far better than Tamil climax. The plus points of the film are entertainment, Regina, Cinematography and chemistry between the lead pair. On the flip side, its predictable story-line, lags in-between. On the whole, SMS is an Short and Sweet entertainer that can be watched once for the ROM-COM provided..

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