Josh Trank’s Chronicle (2012) Movie Review

One Of The Coolest Posters of this Year
One Of The Coolest Posters of this Year

Star-cast : Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell and Michael B. Jordan
Director: Josh Trank
Length: 2326.86 Mts
Reels: 5ab
Censor Certificate: U/A
Run Time: 83 Minutes
Watched at Inox, Hyderabad

I didn’t know there was even a movie titled Chronicle until and unless the release date approached. Even felt the normal and nothing interesting. But seriously I was WRONG.

Three High School friends Andrew (Dane DeHaan), his cousin, Matt (Alex Russell), and Matt’s friend, Steve Montgomery (Michael B. Jordan) who gain superior super power TELEKINESIS (it controlling objects and moving them) due to encountering with an mysterious artifact. They start to learn to control their abilities and learning new things. They used their abilities to their advantage and also used it to play tricks on people. However they find lives spinning out of control. Andrew is an awkward teenager who comes from a broken house with no friends makes maximum use of his powers. Matt and Steve limited their skill in using powers after small accident. Later they all come together to showcase their talent. They even discover that they can even fly. Andrew gets angry over his drunkard father, tries to steal money using his powers to buy essential medicines to his mother. Things start to go in opposite way, when one of them meets with an accident. What happens next? Will Andrew save his mother? What happens in the accident?

Dane DeHaan is the star performer in the movie, Plays his part retiring and erratic way. Alex Russell cousin of Andrew is cordial and good in character. Micheal B. Jordan is alright. Micheal Kelly and Bo Petersen were fine. Remaining provided mediocre support.

Director John Trank debut with this movie, he did a tremendous job with a limited budget. I’m eager to check out what’s his next flick in future. Mathew Jensen’s cinematography and Elliot Greenberg’s editing that are outstanding, which is clearly seen in the movie. Max Landis and John Trank could have work a bit more on screenplay stuff, but the way they develop superpowers, and Andrew, weakest of the three, becomes the strongest. His telekinesis stuff is a killer. Leaving some fiddling scenes and “Found Footage” moving camera works, Movie has interesting and engaging moments to WOW for.

Chronicle was made with $15 million (approx.), which was maximum utilized in CGI and Visual Effects. The stuff like manipulating objects and Flying in Super-man in clouds were just excellent. I still feel few more bucks to the movie would have done wonders.

Overall, Excellent graphics, Amazing action, Interesting story-line and Promising performances easily make Chronicle the best movie till date this year. Not saying it’s the greatest movie ever but it’s totally worth every penny to see in the theatres. Love to watch something new, something epic!! Then Chronicle A MUST WATCH in Theaters!!!

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