Balaji Mohan’s Love Failure (2012) Movie Review

Survi Review: Siddharth's Love Failure

Star Cast: Siddharth, Amala Paul, Suresh, Ravi, Balaji, Surekha Vani, Vignesh, Sri Ranjini, and Pooja

Director: Balaji Mohan

Composer: S. Thaman

Camera: Nirav Shah

Love Failure casts Siddharth and Amala Paul in the leads. The film is all about failure love story of the lead pair and how will they break up and again pair off. This is a bilingual movie that is titled as Kadhalil sodhapuvadu Eppadi in Tamil. Siddharth is also debuting as a producer with the film along with Nirav Shah. Let’s check out the review for more detailed info…

Love Failure all about Arun (Siddharth) a handsome dude, an engineering student, explaining how he broke up with Parvathi (Amala Paul). Arun narrates how his love for Parvathi started and what are the series of incidents that lead to his break up. Later, Arun witnesses similar break ups in his friends life, and in the process, realizes how badly he was missing Parvathi all this time. So what events prompt Arun to change his mind and how he and Parvathi come together? That’s how the rest of the storyline forms.

Arun is a tailor made character for Siddharth. He has done his performance effortlessly with tremendous ease. He acted within the limits.  Amala Paul is asset for the film. She is beautiful given a natural performance. The costumes and hairstyle suited her character perfectly. Suresh is apt, did a well rounded character after a long time. Surekha Vani is good. All the new comers did a fab job.

The story of the film is pretty soft one. Screenplay of the first half is neat. But it is little weak in the second half.  The taking of the film is sophisticated. Framing of the film is rich. Direction of the film is delicate in the first half. Most of the story is narrated in flashback format. Narration of the film is little slow. Even climax drags a bit. Debutant director Balaji Mohan has done a commendable job. He injected lots of freshness in the film. His direction orientation is very sensible. He is definitely a director to watch out. Music by Thaman .S is good. Music would remain as one the major positives of the film. Credit should also be given to the cinematographer (Nirav Shah) and director makes the songs come very rich on the screen. Cinematography is first rate. Lyrics by Sri Mani are meaningful. Dubbing is nice for all the character, but misses Lip Sync sometimes. Dialogues are good in parts. Editing is fine.

“Love Failure” First half of the movie is full of merriment and romp. Second half has family orientation and goes on a quotidian note, but a better handled one would have added lot of the value to the film. Strengths of the film are performances, music, convoluted taking and cinematography. The weakness of the film is slow narration, Lags in between, long climax and class-orientation. On the whole, Love Failure makes a worth viewing for classy folks and urban youngster’s in love.

Survi Review: 3/5

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