Sujoy Ghosh’s Kahaani (2012) Movie Synopsis & Theatrical Trailer



Vidya Bagchi (28), a pretty, intelligent, urbane woman, seven months pregnant, in an emotionally fragile state, but with extreme reserves of determination and resolve, arrives in Kolkata from London, looking for her missing husband. Arnab Bagchi, Vidya’s husband and in her words, “Her reason for being”, had come to Kolkata on a software consultancy project with the National Data Centre (NDC). The first two weeks of his visit, pass by smoothly. Arnab and Vidya would chat daily and anxiously await the passing of the few remaining days apart. Suddenly, one day…all communication with Arnab ceases. Arnab all of a sudden is untraceable.

Sounds like an Indian version of Kill Bill.

Expected Release Date: March 9, 2012

Theatrical Trailer:

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