Karan Malhotra’s Agneepath (2012) Movie Review

Star Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt, Rishi Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Zarine Wahab and Om Puri.

Director: Karan Malhotra

Producer: Karan Johar and Hiroo Johar.

Music Directer: Ajay Gogavale and Atul Gogavale.

 Survi Review: 3.25/5

Agneepath is an action thriller. Its a remake of the 1990 Cult Classic Hindi film with the same name. It is produced by Karan Johar and directed by Karan Johar’s former assistant Karan Malhotra. It’s a typical Bollywood revenge drama and follows the story of a young boy whose father is killed by a don, forcing the boy to grow up and avenge the death.

The story goes like this, in a small Indian village Mandwa, Vijay Dinanath Chauhan (Hrithik Roshan) is taught by his principled father about the path of fire – Agneepath. His life is completely shattered when the evil drug dealer Kancha (Sanjay Dutt) hangs his father to death.  Vijay leaves for Bombay with his pregnant mother and has only one mission in life- to come back to Mandwa and bring back the glory of his father.

Hrithik Roshan showed why he was the choice for this homage. He emoted all the feelings so well, this Vijay is totally different from the previous one and the way he showcased and controlled anger and revenge and least dialogue expressing emotions, some of the scenes are mind blowing where he acted brilliant. Priyanka Chopra dazzled in the movie, though her character was limited. She suited her role and did her character to perfection. Sanjay Dutt is surplus with his performance as Kancha and I can’t expect any other in this role. He was apt and given a perfect performance with some witty dialogues. Rishi Kapoor as Rauf Lala gives a remarkable support to the lead characters with his performance. Kanika Tiwari as Shiksha is impressive. Chikini Chamelli by Katrina is spicy. Rest of the cast was superb and supported well.

The movie is adapted from cult classic AB starrer of the same name, has more or less the same storyline. Direction by Karan was good. The fresh narration and engaging screenplay that make viewers obliged. Cinematography was neat and the costumes were good explaining the characters. Music is good, but not so impressive. But background score was spot on. Dialogues were okay, not that impressive as the original. Editing could have been crispier. Production values from Dharma productions were grand.

Agneepath does not copy anything important from original. It only takes the soul of Agneepath forward that’s where this remake succeeds. The first half has some light moments, but the second half gets over the top of graph keeping everyone engaged. The second half will make you feel it is worth watching yet another time for the sake of performances and narration in the second half. On the whole, Agneepath is a refresher and a good homage to the original.

Bottom Line: Agneepath (Series) Might disappointed you, but Agneepath (Movie) wont disappoint you 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Karan Malhotra’s Agneepath (2012) Movie Review

  1. Dude, seriously lied the second half of the movie? I thoroughly enjoyed the first half but thirty minutes into the second half I lost interest. It was just being dragged, which was not at all necessary. The ending was the worst part of the movie. What did you like about the second half anyway?

  2. Movie is an homage to the original and they cant change the full climax and story line for it. For me what matters is full movie not first half or the second, the way Agneepath given an homage is an perfect example for every one how to show respect to the original. Rated more as presentation is impressive, stylish and sleek look to incidences placed in late 1970s. The way director portrays a dark, haunting theme throughout the flick, which captivates. Hrithik, Rishi, Sanjay Superb combination. Katrina Kaif’s item song ‘Chikni Chameli’ without a doubt could be the main highlight of the movie, but that’s just before you actually watch the film, as ‘Agneepath’ is much more than that.

  3. realy gr8 movie…..marvelous re’presentation’.
    bt i wantd to tel 1 thng about the orignal agneepath.its how rajamouli got inspird to take al his heroic flicks.ila hindi lo inkeni unayo,rajamouli ila enni chusado…

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