Joel Schumacher’s The Number 23 (2007) Movie Review


Movie: The Number 23

Director: Joel Schumacher

Writer: Fernley Phillips

Starring: Jim Carey, Virginia Madsen, Logan Lerman

Release: February 23 2007

Run-time: 98 minutes

Watched at Special Show

Survi Verdict:

The Number 23 all about Walter Sparrow (Jim Carey) a Dog Catcher, gets late while working to meet his wife Agatha (Virgina Madsen). When his wife browses and finds a mystery-numerology novel by an unknown writer that revolves around NUMBER 23. Casually moving back and forth between Sparrow’s slow obsession and the characters in the book itself, Fingerling and Fabrizia (Carrey and Madsen again), the film sets out to accomplish a lot. He involves in the character in book that he grows captivation about the number 23 and its intensions.  It was first difficult to see Jim Carrey in non – comedic character. But he performed exceptionally well and erased his funny image.  Jim Carrey was at his BEST. Virginia Madsen, Logan Lerman were good in their respective roles. Joel Schumancher as director showed his mettle in the first half but dragged later on. Cinematography was stylish. Movie titles are the highlight of the movie. Though dialogues were good in parts.  Poor script spoils the dish.  On the whole, Movie starts off intriguing but does not satisfy what the beginning sets out for. It was pretty skittish. But I still walked out Satisfied watching this psychothriller…

Survi Review: 2.5/5

Theatrical Trailer:

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