Alexander Payne’s The Descendants (2011) Movie Review

After a gap of seven years since the sideways (2004) director Alexander Payne comes off with an Oscar Worthy movie The Descendants. From the reviews and ratings it received I was eager to watch this flick in theatres. But the way The Descendants Indian release getting delayed, they left me no option rather watching it online.  The Descendants story about Matt king (George Clooney) whose life changes 360 degrees when his wife Elizabeth (Patricia Hastie) met up with an accident and ends up in hospital in coma condition. Being a compulsive with works, Matt didn’t spend a quality time with family. During this critical time King brings Alexandra (Shailene Woodley), his teenage daughter home from rehab to make the rounds to friends and family while taking care of his youngest daughter Scottie (Amara Miller). When he learns of a shocking secret about his wife, it sends him on a journey together with his daughters to find out the truth. Coming to performances, George Clooney has given a award winning performance as Matt King. Clooney is astounding, and he proves to us why he is one of the best actors in the business today. Clooney just punched his name onto Best Actor Oscar nominations this year. Shallene Woodley [Junior Keira Knightley] broadcasts an amazing range of emotions with an astonishing look and dialogues. Amara Miller is cute. The Direction of the movie is sensible; he keeps audience engaged throughout the movie. Music and Cinematography are praiseworthy. Editing is alright. There is a beautiful balance between humor and emotions during the movie. Editing by Kevin Tent is alright. It is easily one of the year’s best dramatic films, and a major Oscar contender. I recommend it.

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