Tate Taylor’s The Help (2011) Movie Review

Star Cast: Viola Davis, Emma Stone, Octavia Spencer, Jessica Chastain, Bryce Dallas Howard.

Run-Time: 146 Minutes

Genre: Drama

Director: Tate Taylor

Watched on DVD

Survi Verdict:

The Help is a movie based at the time of US civil right movement in early 1960. Movie starts off with Aibileen (Viola Davis) briefing what she has went through all her life to Skeeter (Emma Stone) a Jurno, who wants write about victimization of Black Maids at that time. But Skeeter wants more maids to complete her book (Which is a demand of the Publisher). Later Minny (Octavia Spencer) joins the team and share her movements. Will Skeeter get the remaining maids to complete her Novel? Will publisher publish? What happens then? Watch the rest of the film for answers.

Viola Davis does a reticent and fantastic job as Black Maid, Aibileen. Sure shot she will be nominated for Oscars this year. Emma Stone does her job delicately. She was perfectly apt for that role. Octavia Spencer does fantastic supportive performance. Remaining cast was pertinent. Tate Taylor screenplay is the BOMBER. Expect a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination for this film at this year’s Oscar. Characterizations were nicely done emotions carry throughout the movie. Direction of Tate Taylor is well executed. Cinematography by Stephen Goldblatt is awesome. Editing by Hughes Winborne is could have been better. Thomas Newman’s BGM is natural supports the emotional scenes perfectly. On the Whole, The Help is one of the finest dramas in recent times. The Help is a feel good movie that you can have in your movie collection.

Survi Review: 3.5/5

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