My Predictions: Pawan Kalyan’s Panjaa Theatrical Trailer

Theatrical Trailer:

Panjaa Theatrical a Spoiler:

*Sarah Jane Loves Gardening and Pawan kalyan jumping scene even happens at the garden area so it might sound odd but I feel Pawan Kalyan comes to Garden and sees Sarah at a point and fall in love.

*The Scene where Sarah Jane asks “Indhaka Edho Chepthav annav Kadha ” and Pavan replying “Nena”. Conveys that PAWAN KALYAN is the first one who will fall in love with SARAH JANE DIAS.

*Pawan talking himself at the mirror conveys one thing that Sarah Jane name in the movie is “SANDYA”.

* Even Sarah Smiling at a point while plucking a flower conveys even she loves Pawan but wants him to propose first.

* A scene where Pawan shown with two guns even shows “Atul Kulkarni” which means they plan to kill PAWAN KALAYN at some point in the movie. (This Shot could have Edited)

*A Scene where Pawan Kalyan shown with Scaf closing his eyes showcases that Pawan Challenges his opponents he will complete the challenge with his eyes closed or a Fight to save a girl from KIDNAP which happens later in the TRAILER (Just a Wild Guess)

*Sarah Jane Dias playing DANDIYA at a function, which means there’s an event on the DASSERA festival season. Even Pawan in Nice white and white dress shows even he will attend the Occasion.

* Red Car with two friends drinking BEER and Peeping out of the Car where Villain’s Son driving the car. Even Pawan Kalyan is showed as the car stops with a BREAK. (Feel Pawan Might kidnap the Villain’s SON)

*A body upside down and Pawan Kalyan saying to Bhramanandam “”Last Peg Vesi Shambahivudini vesesi eppudu emi telinattu aduguthunava”. Confirms that Pawan Kills one of Subbaraju’s colleage at a village and covers the case by giving the credit to Paparaayudu (Bhramanandam).

*Anjali Lavania showcasing her cleavage show confirms that there’s a song which is shot in too HOT mode.
*A lighter in hand is shown in the trailer with a gang of girls in blur shot shows that Girls might have been drenched in  and Villain tries to burn them. (Wild Guess)

*The Shot where Pawan in black dress with angry looks shows that a scene before he might have fought with a gang and cell in his hand confirm that he is answering the villains call after the fight.

*The way Parchuri Venkateshwar Rao stands confirms that, he is playing important role as Villain’s close person. (As a Villains right hand because he even seen in a scene with Villains later in the Trailer)

*Pawan Covering himself with a mask conveys he want to hide from someone and control the situation (There might even include a FIGHT)
*A scene in which includes a yellow taxi and four people and some of them dragging one person confirms a KIDNAP sequence.

*A scene where Atul standing and background with DURGA matha (Goddess) confirms the point pawan talks a call in point from VILLAINS place. Which means he he kills everyone at the Villains Adda.

*Pawan drenched with blood and surrounded by the a gang shows that pawan wanted enters their area for some reason. (For obvious reasons REVENGE)

*Hitting a person at the Train store confirms there is a chase sequence.

*Rainy night and Pawan driving in night have a good impact in the movie. As per my knowledge it might be a scene after he losses someone/thing close.

*Jackie Shroff throwing the chair behind his back shows he is getting irritated by some obvious reason its PAWAN KALYAN. (Or He gets to know Pawan Kidnaps his son)

*Blast behind Pawan Kalyan confirms that there is a scene where pawan wontedly blast an area of come vehicle.

* A Scene with a voice over “Sayam pondhinavadu kruthagnyatha chupinchaka povadam entha Thappo,
Sayam chesinavadu Kyuthagnyatha korukodam kuda anthe thappu” confirm Pawan’s Mentality in the movie and it might be the climax dialogue/ Starting Dialogue of the movie.

*Heroine getting dragged confirms that there is a scene where villain try to kidnap SARAH to plan something against Pawan Kalyan

* Jackie shroff with shaal on and seeing someone close dying in front of him. (100% it’s his son’s death)

What all wrote here is what I felt after watching the trailer. I’m not related to movie nor the person who knows about the movie. It’s just my Panjaa Predictions. Will love to check your comments and your predictions.. Do share your views..

After all this i feel head of Panjaa should have taken certain precautions before releasing the theatrical Trailer. Overall, Panjaa Theatrical a SPOILER..

8 thoughts on “My Predictions: Pawan Kalyan’s Panjaa Theatrical Trailer

  1. annaya… trailor chuse intha story chepthunnava…chusdam.. ne story e movie avuthunda.. leka ne story tho inko movie avuthunda… chala daggara points bagunnay…

  2. Thanks Vasim Trailer casual ga cut chesaru, Adhi chepthe nammaru kadha andhuke ella try chesanu 🙂

    Thanks for your support 🙂

  3. Mama, Nice ra…chala baaga cheppav asalu story…predictions anni bagunnayi…..expect chesinatte unte cinema ela untundooo…let’s wait and see….

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