Venu Sriram’s Oh My Friend (2011) Movie Review


Cast & Crew: Siddharth Narayan, Shruti Hassan, Navdeep, Hansika, Tanikella Bharini.. etc

Director: Venu Sriram

Music: Rahulraj

Producer: Dil Raju

Censor Certificate: U

Censor Certificate No: 32008

Runtime: 131min

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Survi Review: 2.75/5 (0.25 more for the rocking MUSIC)


A boy – boy can be friends lifelong, a girl-girl can be friends lifelong. Will a boy-girl be friends forever?? With this voice over movie starts. Chandu (Siddharth), an aspiring musician and Siri (Shruti Hassan), a classical dancer closest friends and others misunderstands them to be lovers.In due course, Ritu and Uday enters their life. Chandu falls in love with Ritu ( Hansika ) and Siri is engaged to Uday (Navdeep). The rest of the story is where the new relations lead to.


Siddharth looks dashing in this movie. Shruti is good in her role. But she appeared a bit out of place in emotional scenes and climax episode. Hansika definitely looks better than what we have seen in her recent movies and she is adequate. Navdeep surprises you with his controlled and lovable performance. He is perfect fit for the role. Ali entertains with his funny Malayalam-Telugu as a Clarity Kanna. Tanikella Bharani is extremely good in sentimental scenes. Rest of the cast is fine in their respective roles.

Technical Efforts:

Music by Rahul Raj is good. The best songs in the film are “Ma Daddy Pockey eppudu plenty plenty ra” followed by title track “Oh My Friend”. Editing is alright. Production values by Dil Raju are luxurious. A story like this needs a fantastic screenplay & engaging narration. Though the director handled sentiment and established the characters well, but he couldn’t narrate the story in an arresting and entertaining manner. Cinematography is perfect. Dialogues were good in parts. Background music by Mani Sharma needs a special mention he just “rock”ed.

Positives of Oh My Friend:

  • Music by Rahul Raj
  • BGM by Manisharma
  • Cinematography
  • Songs Picturisation
  • Siddharth

Drawbacks of Oh My Friend:

  • Predictable narration
  • Too Dramatic Pre Climax Episodes
  • Inspired Storyline
  • Misses Comedy
  • Slow Climax

Survi Verdict:

First half of the movie is decent and second half is little boring. Such movies should have been handled with sleight and sensibility. The plus points of the movie are Music, Siddharth and technical values. On the flip side second half narration, preclimax episode which recall us of Bomarillu, missing of humour are the main drawbacks of the movie. On the whole, Oh my friend is average flick with bits and pieces of “Vasantham” and “Iddaru Mithrulu” in it, But trendy Cast and Music makes movie a decent onetime watch that would appeal to fans and class audience. As NO big competitor releasing at this time to compete with this flick, it will surely do good business at Box-office.

2 thoughts on “Venu Sriram’s Oh My Friend (2011) Movie Review

  1. actually concept is good and this flick can bee seen for once.
    but the main backdrop is no clarity about difference between love and friendship.
    over action of sruti and siddu in second half is very bad

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