Madhura Sridhar’s Its My Love Story (2011) Movie Review (First On Net)

Cast:  Aravind Krishna, Nikitha Narayan, Jaya Sudha, Sharath Babu, Ramesh, Sundeep Krishnan… Etc

Director:   Madhura Sridhar Reddy

Producer:   Dr. Munna Venkata Krishna Reddy

Music Director:  Sunil Kashyap

Lyricst: Sirasri

Censor Certificate: U

Release: Nov 11 2011

Watched at: Cinemax Hyderabad

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Survi Review: 2/5

Storyline: Arjun (Aravind) a gaming designer who lives alone in Hyderabad.  Vandana (Nikitha Narayan) whose ambition to become a top class fashion designer, request parents to full fill her dreams and believing her they send to stay in paying guest in Hyderabad with friends. Nikitha more like a college going girl sms and Facebook everything she experiences. How they meet?? Did their parents obey them?? Will they marry?? Is rest of the story all about.


Aravind Krishna is good in his character. But he needs to groove a bit. Nikitha Narayan is Okay in the female lead. Jayasudha and Sarath Babu were apt in their respective roles. Comedy by Ramesh, Rj Ghajini is stale. Sundeep Krishnan item song is wasted. The rest of the characters can be ignored. Kalpika is neat in her small role, it would have been best if the director selected kalpika instead of nikitha for lead role.

Positives of It’s My Love Story:

  • Music
  • Aravind Krishna
  • Bits of Comedy

Drawbacks of it’s My Love Story:

  • Screenplay
  • Entertainment
  • Second Half
  • Crisp Storyline
  • Silly Comedy Scenes

Technical:  The screenplay in the first half is adequate. But it is not good in the second half. Director Madhura Sridhar Reddy tried to make a clean and healthy film but he failed through the narration part. Music of the film is good with nice picturization of songs. Cinematography is decent… Dialogues are alright. Art direction is neat. Lyrics by Sirasri are effective. Editing is alright. Production values were okay.

Survi Verdict: Story of the movie is stale as we have seen similar stories and similar treatment in many movies. First half of the film is okay; Second Half could have been handled better. Positives of the movie are Music, Bits and Pieces of comedy and okay 1st half. On the flip side ineffective screenplay, storyline and predictable second half are the main culprits. On whole its My Love Story is a Disappointing fare. Skip it in Theatres.

 Theatrical Trailer:

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