Krishna Vamshi’s Mogudu (2011) Movie Review

Cast: Gopichand, Taapsee, Shradda Das, Rajendra Prasad, Naresh, Roja and others
Directed By: Krishna Vamshi
Produced By: Nallamalapu Srinivas (Bujji)
Editing By: Gautam Raju
Music By: Babu Shankar
Studio: Lakshmi Narasimha Productions
Cinematography: Srikanth N
Written By: Bheem
Camera: 35mm
Reels: 14
Length: 4301.25mts
Censor Certificate: A
Censor Certificate Number: 8218
Watched at Innox, Screen 1 (H-12)

Survi Review: 1.75/5

Since Gopichand is struggling for a hit since last few years, he has pinned all his hopes on Mogudu. Gopichand and Taapsee are trying to shrug off their old image and trying to come out with a new image with this flick. The title of the film ‘Mogudu’ itself reveals what the concept of the film is. Director Krishna Vamsi briefing the storyline of the film said ‘The movie explains how a husband should be.” Lets check out the review for more..

Mogudu Storyline:

Anjaneya Prasad (Rajendraprasad) who belives a lot in family values and relations wants his only son Ramprasad aka Bujji (Gopichand)to get married in a family who respects family values.Ramprasad meets Rajarajeswari(Taapsee) daughter of Akhilandeswari(Roja) a minister and falls in love.With both the families wishes they get married.After the marriage there is a twist in the story. what happens next completes the rest of the story.

Pleasure Performances:

Gopi Chand was extremely well. His histrionics were brilliant. Tapsee is glamorous in the movie. Even her acting improved a lot. Rajendra Prasad plays a pivotal role and he puts on a different get-up in this movie. Shradda Das is appropriate and suited the character well.Ahuti Prasad is good in his get-up. Naresh, Roja, Maharshi raghava, Geethanjali are adequate. Cameo’s from the Angrez team and Miss AP Mahima were nicely nicely shot.

Technical Treasures:

Screenplay is ineffective. Cinematography is adequate. Dialogues in this film are very preachy. Though the film’s concept is good its narration is uninteresting. Krishna Vamsi should be appreciated for making such a different film, but he should treat such subjects with balance by mixing entertainment into heavy emotions. The music was fit to the situation and two songs are worthtaking back home. Cinematography did a good job covering the venues. Editing of the film is not up to the mark. Production standards of the film are neat.

Highlights of Mogudu:

  • Lead Performances
  • Oomph Factor (Shradda Das & Taapsee)
  • BGM
  • Cinematography

Drawbacks of Mogudu:

  • Second Half
  • Miss Timing of Songs
  • Slow Screenplay
  • Excessive Drama
  • Dialogues
  • Editing

Survi Verdict:

Mogudu first half goes about revolving around the Family and Love in life, the second half is more on the emotional and romantic aspect, but were fully dragging. The fans of Krishna Vamshi will be disappointed with this movie. The plus points of Mogudu are oomph factor of Taapsee and Shradda Das, lead performances, BGM, Cinematography. The negative points are slow narration, inadequate screenplay, second half, Excessive emotional scenes, Climax. Overall, Mogudu is not the movie you wanna spend your money on this weekend. In Gopichand words from the movie — “Ee Drama Chirakesthundi”. Skip in Theaters..

Theatrical Trailer:

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