Blaaze Tribute to Pawan Kalyan “Powerstar” Rap Song and Lyrics (Exclusive)

Blazee Tribute to Pawan Kalyan (Video)

Blaazee Song Powerstar Rap Lyrics 


Let me Take it back to 1971

A Day so special, Whenthis star was born

Baby of the moment, Man of the Hour

Standing tall, with so much power



Born on a Glorious day, September 2nd

A lover, A dancer, A fighter to reckon

An Actor, A Writer, and even a Director

All the above, He’s about to get ya



Made his debut in 96

Like a Magiciam with his back of tricks

Akkada Ammayi, Ikkada Abbayi

Asesha Abhimanula Atheeshul Andhaayi



Over 15 Year, and never to melt

A real life champion with ablack belt

Beyond even Hollywood and Bollywood and all

Make way for Pawankalyan

From Jalsa, Hohnny, Badri and Balu

To the Deepest brother, in Tammudu

From Orissa to Kerala too

Karnataka, all the way to Tamil Nadu



I’m not yet done with my story to tell

You know dear brother, I wish you well

Mr. Pawan Kalyan, I gotta say

Nuff Respect and Love from Blaazee


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