Steven Spielberg’s Super 8, Real Steel (2011) Movie Review

Spielberg this year movies (Cowboys and aliens, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Super 8, Real Steel) were experiments with high values. But more importantly the way he experimented with small budget films like Super 8, Real Steel is very impressive, Kudos to him. Here my weekend Review on two of those experiments…

Movie: Super 8
Run Time: 112 Minutes
Directed: J.J.Abrams
Produced: Steven Spielberg

Rating: 3.25/5

Survi Verdict: Movie all about a group of young filmmakers with Super 8 cam putatively catch a train crash containing an alien on film. which is connected to Filmmakers who accidently placed in between the incident. which inturn changes their life a full 360 degree turn. Movie starts of entertaining, balanced narration keeps everyone engaging till post interval episodes. But rushed climax effects the flick, which leaves us numb. Despite of inspired stuff from The Goonies, ET, Clover-field movies, Super 8 has marvelous chemistry between the leads and Director’s magnificent mix of Drama and Horror. Which makes Super 8 Worth-A-Watch flick.

Movie: Real Steel
Run Time: 127 minutes
Producer: Steven Spielberg
Director: Shawn Levy

Rating: 3.25/5

Survi Verdict: Real Steel is set in year 2020. When humanoid robots replace humans in wrestling matches. When an ex-boxer (Hugh Jackman) failed owner of boxing robots, reunites with his son (Dakota Goyo). Due to a incident how they catch up with a junkyard robot ATOM, How it changes their life completely is the remaining storyline. Dakota Goyo provides absorbing act, who max dominated Huge Jackman in every scene. Shawn Levy impresses me with an engaging direction. Danny Elfman’s BGM, Cinematography were effective. Except pitiful Dialogues and Routine storyline. Real Steel impresses with rocking Robotic fights, high Techinical values and with a pinch of feel in it. On a whole, “Real Steel” a safe bet on movie this weekend.

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