Seetaramaraju’s Madatha Kaja (2011) Movie Review

Cast: Naresh, Sneha Ullal, Ahuthi Prasad, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Jayaprakash Reddy
Director: Seetaramaraju
Producer: KK Radha Mohan
Reel Length: 4269mts
Certificate: U/A
Music Director: Sri Vasant

Survi: 3/5

Storyline: Allari Naresh acts in the role of a police informer, who is on a mission to chase the secrets of a mafia gang that consists of Jayaprakash, Ahuti Prasad and Ashish Vidyarthi. He enters into the family of Jayaprakash and starts romancing Sneha Ullal who is the daughter of Ahuti Prasad. Whether he gets the mafia surrendered to the police or not makes up the remaining story.

Performances: Allari Naresh has come out with his standard performance and this time it is not focusing on him alone, which is a relief. Naresh imitating Pawan Kalyan was funny. Ahuti  Prasad and Jayaprakash Reddy were good. Sneha Ullal is pretty glamourous and  given justice to her role. Mariam Zachhariah was passable. Subbaraju was apt. The rest of the cast is doing what it does in every film, support the lead actor.

Music  by Sri Vasanth is the backbone of the film, even his bgm is good. Comedy is sprayed throughout the movie. There is no separate track to test viewers patience. Editing could have been better at few points and then the script was written with humour while the screenplay was well done. Cinematography is good and editing is good enough for movies of this budget. Debut Director was good. Productions values are nice.  The other departments were also up to the mark and contributed well to the film.

Survi Verdict:  Madatha Kaja starts of upright, drags a bit from pre-interval episodes continues the same pace till some part of post interval episodes later movie picks up its speed and entertains till the end. The film would have been more hilarious if the second half had some crisp editing. Overall, Madtha Kaja is comical stuffed candy. To enjoy it to the peaks keep your common sense or logic at home and enjoy the ride.

Bottom-Line: No Brainer Entertainer.. 🙂

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