Anubhav Sinha’s Ra.One (2011) Movie Review [First On Net]

Before reviewing the much awaited movie this year let me wish one and all a very happy DIWALI and May the warmth and splendor fill the life with happiness and bright cheer, and bring joy and prosperity, for the whole year.

Shah Rukh Khan’s most ambitious project Ra.One all set to release today in 4600 screens. Already created positive buzz by its official Trailers. It’s Ra.One movie time to steal the show and create waves at the box office, rather wasting more time of yours lets get into the review of Ra.One..

Cast: shah rukh khan, kareena kapoor, arjun rampal, master armaan verma, shahana goswami, Tom wu, dalip tahil, suresh menon,& satish shah

Guest Appearances: Rajinikanth, Sanjay Dutt, Priyanka Chopra

Story: anubhav sinha

Screenplay: kanika dhillon, david benullo, mushtaq sheikh, anubhav sinha

Dialogue: kanika dhillon, niranjan iyengar

Length: 4399 meters

Runtime: 155 Minnutes

Watched at Prasadz

Survi Review: 2/5

Ra.One Storyline:

Movie all about Prateek Subramaniam (Armaan) a addicted gamer, son of graphics designer Shekar Subramaniam (Sharukh). Where Shekar wants to convert himself such that he can be a close friend to his son. One day in a conversation Shekar gets to know what prateek likes and plans to impress his son by creating a super powerful villain Ra.One (Means Random Access Version One). Did Sharukh create the world he wanted? What if the super powerfull Ra.One gets unstoppable? Is there a force to kill Supreme Ra.One? What Happens when a games turns to reality? All these questions complete the remaining  storyline.


Shekar (Sharukh) excelled in both the roles. Kareena looks gorgeous and acts well. Her dances are an absolute treat for the eyes, for which she deserves the highest praise. Arjun Rampal plays his negative role to perfection. Prateek (Armaan) who justifies his role as a son and gamer. Movie start off with a dream which includes Khal Nayak (Sanjay Dutt) and Desi Girl (Priyanka Chopra) both were okay in their respective cameo’s. Rajinikanth’s cameo got a huge applause. Other cast is okay.

Technical Treasures:

Nearly four screen writers (kanika dhillon, david benullo, mushtaq sheikh, anubhav sinha) worked on this script,and too many writers spoiled the script. Movie starts off good with a pitch of comedy, Romance, Action episodes. But converts into a predictable emotional drama in the second. Direction by Anubhav Sinha is fairly good. Vishal Shekar’s music is a mixed bag. The ‘Chammak Challo’ song is very good. The ‘Criminal’ song is also enjoyable. But he comes back hard with his BGM. Dialogues by (Kanika dhillon, Niranjan iyengar) were pretty normal. Kanal kannan, William ong’s stunts and action scenes were good. Cinematography is marvelous. Computer graphics, animation and visual effects are world class. Production and technical values are grand.

Highlights of the Ra.One:
  • Special Effects
  • Introduction of Ra.One
  • Pre Intermission Episodes
  • Kareena’s oomph factor
  • Songs and BGM
  • Rajinikanth Guest Appearance

Drawbacks of Ra.One:
  • Predictable Screenplay
  • Run Time
  • Climax Episode
  • Slow Second Half
  • Thin Storyline

Survi Verdict:

First half of the film is very gripping. Second half should have been more compact. The climax should have been better. Plus point of the movie is Special Effects, Bgm and Performances. The story and screenplay are the wusses. Movie has enough commercial elements that could work at box office. On a whole, you may consider watching Ra.One for the special effects and songs in the film.

6 thoughts on “Anubhav Sinha’s Ra.One (2011) Movie Review [First On Net]

  1. nijama suhas i felt movie was visual wonder with additional positives songs,1st half narration and intro scenes, and for lead performances so alla i rated it 2.75 macha.. hmm neeku nachaka povadam enti ??

  2. Watched both 7th sense and…but 7th sense is 100times better than can give 4/5 for 7th sense..and 1.5 for for its bakwas story.this 1.5 is for the budjet and effects…..

  3. i watched G ONE not nice in telugu but it is good for choldren go with your small brothers or sisters they will feel happy,nice moviee effects are simply superb.

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