Weekend Movie Reviews: Warrior, Dookudu, Mausam, Speedy Singhs, Abduction


This weekend I watched four movies, Which includes Dookudu, Warrior, Mausam, Speedy Singhs. In Which two movies are Duds, One was Decent and another a must watch movie. Lets check out my Reviews for more..

First Let me start off with the best movie this weekend..

1. Warrior:

Runtime: 140min

Watched at Prasadz, Screen 5, Hyderabad

Warrior tells the story of the broken Conlon family, Brendan (Joel Edgerton), Tommy (Tom Hardy) and Paddy (Nick Nolte), who figuratively and literally fight to repair themselves and their family. There are a couple of holes and few flinch worthy moments, but I infernally enjoyed this film. Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy provide extremely absorbing performances while Nick Nolte, Frank Grillo gives an enjoyable performances as a trainers for Tom and Joel. The Movie gives you every emotion you want.. what more do you expect from a movie. I recommend everyone support this movie by going to the movie theaters and watching it.

Survi: 3.5/5

Bottom Line: BETTER than THE FIGHTER.

2. Next comes much awaited movie this year in TOLLYWOOD, Prince Mahesh Babu’s DOOKUDU

Check my Full Review Here

Survi: 2.75/5

3. Mausam:

Watched at Sensation, Hyderabad

Mausam all about how a Punjabi boy and Kashmiri girls love story interfere with world terror events. Shahid and Sonam were at their BEST in their respective roles. Aditi Sharma supportive role was good.  Movie starts off good later misses it appeal from halfway, even CLIMAX is terrible. Except the leads and Music, nothing appealing in the movie. Over all MAUSAM worth skipping  in theaters.

Survi: 2/5

 Bottom Line: Director Fails to Express his thoughts..

4. Speedy Singhs

Watched at Shiva, Hyderabad

Its all about Rajveer who denied from Canada ice hockey team, How he creates his new team and take over the world to make his colleagues and Father proud. Main lead Vinay, Camilla Belle, Russell Peters, Anupam Kher were apt in their repectives roles. remaining cast doesn’t had perfect characterizations to show their capabilities. Director Liberman failer to showcase the intense magic of Ice Hockey. Speedy Singhs can be pretty unforgiving.

Survi : 2/5

Bottom Line: Not even close to score a penalty..

5. Abduction

Abduction’ centres around eighteen-year-old Nathan who leads a happy life with his parents in a nice big house filled with Apple products. Happy until his class is assigned a project about missing children and Nathan then happens upon a website featuring a photo of a missing child who bears a striking resemblance to himself. After his ‘parents’ are murdered by assassins, Nathan finds himself embroiled in a CIA conspiracy and on the run along with his crush Karen. The performances were just average but the scenes which would have elevated the movie were shot poorly especially the climax scenes were just slow and predictable. Background music and bits of suspence were good which made me enagaged till the end. Overall movie for those who like suspense flicks.

Survi: 2.5/5

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