Ravi Sharma’s Jhalak (2011) Movie Review [First On Net]

Movie: Jhalak
Cast: Ramtej, Anupoorva etc.
Director: Ravi Sharma
Music: SA Raj Kumar
Producer: Padmini
Certificate: U

Survi: 2/5


Prem (Ramtej) is an orphan kid who once caught by a police officer, rather arresting Prem he provides facilities to continue his studies with his son Chakri. But hero keeps certain conditions to study with chakri. Where heroine Kavya (Anupoorva) enters Prem’s life. How Prem falls in love with Kavya. How another friend enters their cute love story. The rest of the story depends on how he realises his true love and realise money is not everything in LIFE is climax.


Debutant Ramtej looks decent enough but his attempt on emotional scenes towards climax of the movie is not justifying. His moves in Jhalak song prove his body flexibility and dancing abilities. A little grooming would ensure a bright future for this promising actor. Well, picking right scripts too has its own share in showering success on him. Anupoorva is not a heroine material, though looks good. Her performance is average. Having a substantial role as an actress she does not register an impact. Suman shetty and friends were good in providing entertainment. Other artists in the film were not designated properly.

Technical Aspects:

Background score passable and editing is intermediate. It could have been better if focused. Screenplay is of no great shakes and remains fair. The subject line is a definitely a downer. Ravi Sharma fails to deliver a decent story to the audience which becomes a major drawback for the film. Music composed by S A Rajkumar is decent enough and will surely appeal to the masses. S A Rajkumar has tried to elevate few scenes with the help of Re-Recording to make it more attractive. Production values were good.

There are very few things that would manage to hold your interest in the film, and by the time it draws to a close, the slight impression that it had made right at the beginning would have given way to disappointment.

Survi Verdict :

Few elements that can keep you entertained are production values, Cinematography, and Ramtej’s dance numbers. The triangle love story theme is good but is dealt badly by the characters. It’s a routine film with highly inappropriate treatment. Of course experimenting with the film is definitely not wrong but such scripts may get fewer profits. Overall, watch jhalak if you don’t have anything to do.

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