My Interview with Madatha Kaja Music Director “Vasanth” (Exclusive)


The music director, Sathyam was very popular in the 70’s and he is best known for some of the best Telugu melodies during the 70’s. His son Vasanth takes his saga forward with his entry in telugu films. His latest flick is with Allari Naresh titled Madatha kaja.  This week i sat down with Madatha Kaja music director “Vasanth” to get the inside scoop of his upcoming movie and future projects.

How did your career start?

My love for music is in my blood. My dad is a great music composer and I’ve learnt from my dad that music is like breathing. Creating tunes is a natural process.. That is how my passion for music started. I learnt few important tips in composing music from Sri and Mani Sharma to start my career as music director.

How did you get discovered by Madatha Kaja team?

After i completed my diploma in violin. I started my carieer as a lyrist first, even at that my lycist job was going on fine. But i was not satisfied, Joined as a Music Composer for Music Director Sree and Later joined Mani Sharma garu as a specialist player.

Are you happy with the response to your debut album from the cast and crew ?

Yes, Every one loved the music of Madatha Kaja. I’m very happy to note the positive reception coming from all walks of life. It’s a wonderful experience since I never ever expected so much of response coming for this music. The best compliment came from Allari Naresh he said its his career best album.

Why did you select Madatha Kaja project ?

As a music director its comfort level with the director thats most important. I had a good rappot with Seetaramaraju. This has resulted in selecting this movie and provided a good audio.

What was it like working with Allari Naresh and Team?

Loved working with Allari Naresh and Sneha Ullal a fabulous couple..

Whats your inspiration for Madatha kaja music?

Madatha Kaja had a lot of scope for music composition and director Seetaramaraju helped me a lot by encouraging me through out. I used to get inspired by some songs and would try to some number like them but now I don’t get inspired by any thing. But u can expect Mani Sharma a sort of inspiration for this audio.

Whose your favourite Music Director?

Its my dad and Mani Sharma garu.

Is there a track you are excited from Madatha Kaja?

I like all my songs so, picking a favourite is difficult. Still, I enjoy the song Title Track and Pub Song ( i cant reveal the names before audio launch).. the most.

Whats your upcoming projects ?

For now its Madatha kaja, will conform my latest projects after its release. I always wanted to compose music for all kinds of films and I am ready to prove myself as a composer who can compose music for any kind of flicks.

Thank you so much for interview. I can’t wait to see what you do next in future and your future success. Directors new movie songs will be available in the market from 17 September . All the best for Madatha Kaja and your upcoming projects.

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