Susindran’s Naa Peru Shiva (2011) Movie Review

Karthi is back with his much awaited movie ‘Naa Peru Shiva’. This movie is the telugu dubbed version of ‘Naam Mahaan Alla’. The main leads Karthi and kajal Aggarwal has been waiting for this coming film to be released in Telugu for more than a year.

Cast & Crew:

Banner: Studio Green Films, Cloud Nine Productions

Direction: Susindran

Actors: Karthi, Kajal Agarwal, Jaya Prakash and other

Dialogues: Bhaskar Sakthi

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Watched at Cinemax, Hyd

Survi Review: 3/5


The film starts off by showing a group of college students indulging in anti-social activities. They take drugs and even rape a girl. Then Shiva(karthi) life is shown. He hails from a middle class family. His father is a call taxi driver, mother’s a housewife and has a sister too. He is unemployed. In a marriage he see’s priya (kajal agarwal) and instantly falls in love with her. She also starts loving him in a while. There love goes smoothly for a sometime. Then her father comes to know about their love. Jeeva immediately meets her father and talks about their love. But priya’s father doesn’t get convinced. So he tries to warn karthi with his hardcore rowdy friend. On the other hand the group of college students end up murdering a girl and they cut her body into pieces throw it away. Then the life of jeeva and the college students collide and what happens next is for you to watch.


Karthi excels with his charismatic appeal and deserves special mention for his stunning performance in action sequences. Even his hilarious mannerisms during first half are enjoyable. Kajal Agarwal appears for the romantic portions and she hasn’t got anything to do with the film. Jayaprakash as Karthi’s father is appreciable while art director Rajeevan spotted as police officer is ludicrous. The rest of the cast including Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Neelima, Raviprakash and Rajivan are adequate. Madhie’s cinematography and Kasi Viswanathan’s editing add value to the work on screen. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s musical score is the biggest asset as his ability on background score enhances the visuals canned by Mathi. Director makes you feel that the film is a complete entertainer without much spins and curls. The most highlighting attribute of this film is the crisp and crystal-clear narration.

Scenes i Liked.
1. Flirting Style of Karthi at the Wedding and Mall.
2. Karthi as innoscent Collection Agent (Buys a Loli-Pop to small Girl, & In One Scene where Drowns in Cricket Match Leaving Job tensions).
3. Scene where Heroine’s Father Calls a rowdy to warn Karthi at the Hotel..

Survi Verdict:

First half starts off great highly enjoyable, but the movie’s pace slackens towards the second half. It needs some urgent trimming. Much better output was expected from this movie maker, the expectation doesn’t get full- filled. Watch the movie without any expectations, you are going to come out with a superb experience. i go With 3 Stars..


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  1. this is very good film to watch expesically ladies go and watch this movie and family are also compulsary want to see the film the relation of middle class family how will be there perfectly shown and lovers definetly watch the film because we cannot saw the character you can show your lifes

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