Prabhu Solomon’s Prema Khaidi (2011) Movie Review


Cast and Crew:

Cast : Vidharth, Anakha, Sethu, Thambi Ramaiyya, Sevvalai, Manroadu Manickam
Direction: Prabhu Solomon
Produced: Laxmi Ganapthi Films
Music: D Imman
Run Time: 2 Hours 25 Minutes
Survi Rating: 3/5

Prema Khaidi is the dubbed movie of Tamil movie titled Mynaa is a journey of love. The story is about two characters called Surli and Myna and about their love. Director Prabhusolomon, who last directed ‘Laadam’, is back from a hiatus with the movie Prema Khaidi.

Let’s take a sneak glimpse into the synopsis followed by a distinct analysis.

Set in backdrops of a hilly village, the film revolves Suruli (Viddarth) and Myna (Amla Paul), intimate lovers from their childhood days. He helps her family in the desolated situation and even her mother affectionately addresses him ‘son-in-law’. But as the years pass by, mother decides to get daughter Myna married to another person that deeply turns Suruli more aversive. He is even jailed for his cruel gesture upon her mother and manages to escape on the same night. Sooner, the jail superintendent (Sethu) and police constable (Thambi Ramaiah) are on the pursuit of Suruli, who has escaped. Soon after handcuffing him, Mynaa too travels along with Suruli as they decide to get married after his prison term of 15 days. What unfolds next is a drama of journey with unexpected twists and turns.


Debut Vidaarth has played his role very well and he fits in his role perfectly. His dialogue delivery and his body language are good in the film. Mynaa (Amala Paul) is so pretty, I haven’t seen one prettier lately. Her pimples add to her personality, I think. Amala Paul proves beauty as is. Well, her performance of course is sheer magic. She underplays her part so well. Sethu G Pillai spells his best and it’s worth mentioning that he is yet another lead character. Other cast have also supported the main characters very well.

Cinematography (Sukumar) is of top class as the picturesque locales of Theni and Munnar are treat to the eyes. Music by D Imman, known for his yesteryear spoofs on songs has at last comes with a poetic number. There are a few instances that gives your goose bump because of Imman’s BGM. Songs also adds beauty to this ride and placed in proper places. Editing (L.K.V. Das) is good could have more crisper. The screenplay of the movie is superb that we feel invo lved in this travelog. Prabhu Solomon might have not delivered blockbusters, but he holds special mention for his style of handling cliched script in a different way. The director though has taken the movie in a rugged road, he was able to maintain its pace throughout the movie without a single blow.

Survi Verdict:

Prema Khaidi starts off slow and it’s a bit lengthy as well. However the tempo rises during second half. The plus points of the movie are Performances, Songs, Cinematography ,Screenplay, Direction. The negative points are Dull Start, Climax. On a whole, Prema Khaidi is an enjoyable journey. Worth Watch Movie..

Bottom Line: Predictably Sweet Journey of Love…


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2 thoughts on “Prabhu Solomon’s Prema Khaidi (2011) Movie Review

  1. i saw the movie and i felt that it was wonderful particularly the climax as no one expected who watch the movie. The girl is so beautiful but not suits to the guy. An innocent cute boy could have suits the role like the hero of shopping mall. Any way I give full marks to the director as well as cenematographer

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