Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadow (2011) Synopsis & Theatrical Trailer

Genre: Action/Crime/Thriller
Directed by: Guy Ritchie
Written by: Kieran Mulroney and Michele Mulroney
Starring: Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes, Jude Law as Dr. Watson, Jared Harris as Pr. Moriarty

Following the huge success of the first Sherlock Holmes movie directed by Guy Ritchie, Warner Bros are fast-tracking a movie sequel! Scriptwriters Kieran and Michele Mulroney have already been hired to pen a script for Sherlock Holmes 2.


Plot of Sherlock Holmes 2:
“Set in 1891 — a year after the last film’s events — the sequel shows Holmes (Robert Downey Jr) continuing his pursuit of Professor Moriarty (played by Jared Harris), who, if the investigator’s instincts are correct, might be the world’s first super villain. Watson (Jude Law), meanwhile, is still trying to be a good partner to his love, Mary Morstan (Kelly Reilly), while keeping Sherlock alive.”

If Professor Moriarty is involved then there’s trouble ahead for sure 🙂


Expected Release Date: December 11, 2011


Theatrical trailer:

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