Imran Khan’s Delhi Belly (2011) Movie Review


The Cast Imran Khan,Poorna Jagannathan,Shenaz Treasuryvala,Vir Das,Kunal Roy Kapoor.

Directed by Abhinay Deo.

Produced by Aamir Khan Productions and UTV Motion Pictures.

Delhi Belly Storyline movie revolves arround the story of three friends Tashi [Imran Khan], Arup [Vir Das] and Nitin [Kunal Roy Kapur] — who are roomates and crime partners. Tashi is to get married in a month to the glamorous Sonia [Shenaz Treasury]. Arun has been dumped by his girlfriend and also has an annoying boss [whose idea of creativity is sketching a smiling banana]. And Nitin is about to discover that eating delicious Tandoori Chicken off a street vendor is going to give him the worst case of Delhi Belly he’s ever known. The plot moves on the same line where three carrying their own life but listed in the worlds deadliest crime list.



Comic Timing


Run Time (103 Minutes)


Racy Screenplay

Aamir Khan Item Song



Predictable Plot

Delhi Belly Cast Performance: Imran khan improved tremendously in all departments compared his earlier movies.Vir Das is very good and he has got nice diction and dialogue delivery. Kunal Roy Kapoor is extremely good with comedy and his body language is hilarious. Poorna Jagannathan fits the bill, but appeared bit out of place in the pre-climax episodes. Shenaz is good. Vijay Raaz is extremely impressive with his performance.


Delhi Belly Technical Aspects: Delhi Belly is a solid narrated it isn’t complicated, but has enough mild twists to keep you entertained. Ram Sampat delivers a fine soundtrack with some objectionable yet catchy songs. Akshat Verma’s dialogues form the major highlight of the movie. There are many punch dialogues as well as meaningful ones. Cinematography by veteran Jason West is fine. Art direction is alright. Editing by Huzefa Lokhandwala is Crisp. A confident and honest debut by Director Abhinay Deo and he deserves appreciation.


Survi Verdict: It’s not a masterpiece with anything fresh or out of the box. Yet Delhi Belly has the potential to entertain and has enough manic moments to keep you in your seats. This film is going to divide audiences. Undoubtedly most guys’ between18-40 are going to sync with Delhi Belly and not all.

Survi Review: 3.25/5

Bottom-Line: Paisa Wasool Entertainer...

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