Anjana Alikhan’s Sega (2011) Movie Review

Cast: Nani,Nithya Menon,Karthik Kumar,Bindu Madhavi
Director: Anjana
Producer: Gautham Menon
Music Director: Joshua Sridhar
Release Date: 29 Jul 2011
Genre: Action – Romance
Survi Review: 1.5/5

Sega is written and directed by debutant Anjana, an assistant of Gautham Vasudev Menon. The film has our Tolly actors Nani and Bindu Madhavi as the lead faces along with Karthik Kumar and Nithya Menon. Sega is a hard hitting film based on the slums in Andhra Pradesh. The film is produced by Gautham Vasudev Menon in Tamil and by Ashok Vallabaneni in Telugu. Sega marks the re-entry of music composer Joshua Sridhar.

Storyline: Chennai slum where two young boys are leftlonely after their mother’s death. Their drunkard father Jothi(Shimmore) leaves the house. Brought up by a noble heart, the brothers grow big in a respectable way. The elder brother Balaji (Muthukumar) takes a lot of care on his sibling Karthik (Nani). Karthik spends all his time with his friend Vishnu (Karthi) who is also brought up in the locality. There is Revathy (Nithya Menon), who loves Karthik deperately. Meanwhile Jothi ends up becoming a pimp in the area and starts to work for drug peddler Ammaji (Jennifer). In a bid to make quick money and win over the girl of his dream, Vishnu strikes a deal “ that can’t go wrong” with a money minded pimp and his boss, the ruthless Ammaji. What follows is an avalanche of trouble and tragedy. And as always, Karthik must turn to his big brother to setthe score right.

Performances: Nani is pretty sensible in this mass role, perfectly suits the character. Muthukumar did justice to his role. Nitya Menon is good in this film. But unfortunately her role is limited to songs in the second half. Karthi did a fine role in this film and he has it in him to become a fine actor if he chooses the roles well.  Bindu Madhavi was sizzling as a prostitute. Shimmore is excellent as broker.

The songs and re-recording done by Joshua Sridhar (Music) are big pluses for this youthful movie. Dialogues are alright and dubbing was funny at places. Cinematography is fair. Direction is good in patches. The plot and orientation of the movie reminds us of Vishnuvardhan’s classic mafia flick Pattiyal. But the comparison stops there. Stories of such premise need arresting screenplay and engrossing narration. The script is half-baked. The characterizations should be more compassionate. There is no charm to the characterization of hero and there is no sympathy left for the characters by the end.

Survi Verdict: The first half is boring. There are interesting elements in the second half towards climax, but by then it was too late. The plus point of the movie is music, nani, choreography. The negative points are screenplay, narration, direction, dubbing and runtime. Overall, Sega tests your patience, which is not even worth your ticket skip it.



Bottom Line: Tests your Patience, Another DUD


Theatrical Trailer:
Sega (Telugu) :

Veppam (Tamil)  :

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