Jayendra’s 180 (2011) Telugu Movie Review



Cast: Sidharth, Priya Anand, Nitya Menon, Mouli, Tanikella Bharani, Gita, MS Narayana, Laskhmi Ramakrishna, Janaki Sabesh, Sricharan, Misha Ghoshal, Cees Van Toledo, Xango Henry, Manager Cheena аnԁ others
Direction: Jayendra
Production: Kiran Reddy, Swaroop Reddy аnԁ Sathyam Cinemas; C. Srikanth, Aghal Films
Music: Sharreth

Survi Review: 2/5

180 Storyline: 180 is a light hearted romantic comedy entertainer about the power of the moment a story where the protagonist discovers that life is not lived thinking about yesterday, or planning for tomorrow. An inquisitive girl falls in love with his impulsive “do it now or hold it forever” philosophy, without knowing anything about him or where he came from. When she proposes to him, he instinctively decides to flee the city. But destiny stops him. As the girl travels with him to America, we discover his story, his love, his plight, and his need to live a life of anonymity.


180 Performance: Siddharth is extremely good in the lead role. His costumes suited him well. Priya Anand gave a promising performance in this film. She looks beautiful in every frame. Nitya Menon did a very good job. SriCharan did an adequate job. Mouli and Geetha Ajay were good as house owners. Tanikella Bharani, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Janaki Sabesh were apt in their respective roles.

Cinematography (Balasubramaniem) is of first-rate. The picturization of first song especially goes in ultra slow motion, which is just fantastic. Background music by Sharreth is just fantabulous and can be highly appreciated.

The writing is not tight, drama fails to keep you hooked as the screenplay is staggeringly slow. Editing is loose. Director Jayendra, has failed to provide a good and interesting content to the audience. The film barely has some truly engaging moments.




Background Music


Predictable Story

Dragging Second half


Silly Comedy



Survi 180 Verdict: “180” could have been a much better movie with a more entertaining Drama and well written second half. It is clearly the fault of the script writer and the director that the movie which reasonably impresses you in the first half, works so negatively in second. Honestly, there is nothing in the film that a viewer carries home. Skip it in theaters…

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8 thoughts on “Jayendra’s 180 (2011) Telugu Movie Review

  1. Script based its a below average flick , 1st half ok, 2nd half direction & story line boring, siddarth performance good, nithya-priya both done well,sharath music highlight,2nd half lo foregin yamudu nachhutaru.some scenes nice.siddarth fans CAN WATCH 1NCE

  2. orey chetta naa kodaka….inkem kavali ra cinema ki…nee batuku ki em cheyalo teledu…evado cinema teeastae dani meeda comment chestu batikae vadivi…malli u wil be best review writter un future ani retweet lu….

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