Bala’s Vaadu Veedu (2011) Movie Review

Movie:: Vaadu Veedu (2011)
Cast & Crew :: Vishal, Arya & Madhu Shalini
Music :: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Director :: Baala
Producer :: Vikram Krishna


Survi Review: 6/10

Who can forget extra ordinary films like Shiva Putrudu, Nenu Devudni. Even though these films are dubbed in Telugu and originally picturized in Tamil, One of the most eagerly awaited films of the year Vaadu Veedu directed by Bala, has been censored recently. The film has got a U/A certificate and has been appreciated by the censors.. Starring Vishal Reddy and Arya, Bala is all set to betray his never seen before smart side on a screen. Lets Check out the review..


Aarya (Kumbiduren Saamy) and Valter (Vishal) are the two sons born to same father but different mothers. Valter lives with his mother Mary (Ambika). The brothers have a gala time in their village living life in their own way. While Valter wants to enter acting in dramas, Saamy wants to do what his father (Ananth Vaidyanthan) does – indulging in petty robberies. There is one Highness (G M Kumar), a rich and influential landlord in the village who had given all his wealth for the villagers and commands their respect in return. He is close to Valter and Saamy.

One day, Highness gets insulted by a forest ranger and he wants to take revnge on them. He takes the help of Valter and Saamy. The brothers block the way of forest ranger and attack him. Police rush to the spot and Valter escapes, while Saamy takes on his heels. Meanwhile, Highness comes across a man (RK) involved in illegal business of sending cattle for slaughter to Kerala from Tamilnadu border. Highness helps Blue Cross and police nab him. Will RK take his revenge on Jameen.? & will Valter, Saamy stop RK leads to the climax.



Vishal steals the show with his terrific histrionics. who not only experimented with the deglamorized role himself, but also changed his natural look for the character. Aarya perfectly fits in the role. Never attempts to overdo the character.Debutant Janani Iyer looked good in few scenes and performance wise, she is convincing. GM Kumar was promising in his role. RK and Ambika are good at their respective roles. The entry of Suriya, as a cameo, with a rocking background score is a visual feast to the audience. Madhu Shalini was apt in her innocent role, Kudos to Bala for encouraging a upcoming actress.

Musical score by Yuvan Shanker Raja has the best hand in presenting the visuals as a big show. A strong contender for National Awards this year. Bala special loaded with his trademark style and mannerism. Though many scenes are destitute of logic, Bala’s magic makes us forget them. Editing by Suresh Urs was crisp. Cinematography on the pars by Arthur Wilson is resplendent. Sashank has added strength with his delicate dialogues. Production values were good. Fights are true to reality, believable and realistic.



*Yuvan Shankar Raja Music

*Vishal- Arya Chemistry

*Gm Kumar


*Predictable Second Half

*Thin Storyline


Bala Missed it…

Pre-Interval bang makes both Aarya and Vishal come together for one issue regarding GM Kumar. Where Aarya gets arrested for hitting a forest office and Vishal runs away with 1 crore valued forest material, Which makes interval bang piquant. But later Bala forgets about the point (What did vishal do with 1crore / Why police men left aarya without issuing a bail) were some unanswered questions.


Survi Review:

Vaadu Veedu — Technically brilliant cinematography,stirring songs and brilliant re-recording apart from ace performances by the artistes make ‘Vaadu Veedu’- – worth a watch movie..


Final Word: It’s good but not everyone’s cup of coffee!!


Theatrical Trailer:

One of the most eagerly awaited films of the year Avan Ivan directed by Bala, has been censored on Monday May 2 by the Chennai Regional Censors.

The film has got a U/A certificate and has been appreciated by the censors.





6 thoughts on “Bala’s Vaadu Veedu (2011) Movie Review

  1. 1st entertainment good, average story with good direction, some scenes compares to shivapurudu, guest role lo surya not bad, suchitra chandrabose choreography, suresh urs editing, Yuvan shankar raja music good.Vishal-Arya both performance plus point for movie, long gap lo ambika ki icchina role bagaledu, 2nd climax ok, for a change we can watch Vaadu-veedu

    -B Hanumantha Bhat

  2. A ra asalu neku mvies judge cheyatam telusaa

    cinemaa antha buthule ga ra
    okka seen aina bagundhaa chepukotaniki ..
    ah metta tamil valu ne lanti vala vale manalni dominate chestunaru

  3. Konni films okkokariki okotiga la kanipistundi adi hero , director mannerism undocchu, but i can judge survi review is correct, mve lo story lyaka pote kooda heroisam and direction lo talent undi, konni comedy bagundi, yuvan shankar music dham undi. 6/10 rating good for this movie.

    B Hanumantha Bhat

  4. 1st half of the movie entertains a lot..with a nice comedy but in the interval break as survi said the 1crore valued forest material when it gone missing the action will be taken severly but they left aarya..and wat did vishal do with is not concluded and it left a quetion in case of second half its good but in climax about g m kumar murder some scenes must be censored..and it has a very thin story which is developed between three main charecters in a small village.story mainly deals with the emotions.this movie really concentrated on vishal.and in surya scene is just to show the talent of vishals(nava rasalu).climax action where his reaction shown in seeing the dead body of g m kumar and showing navaraslu are really amazing and superb.this movie lost the female audience due to the abusing language used in the movie.over all itz a worth watching .and hats off to vishal’s de-glamourised character and action..expecting national award for vishal.

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