Raviteja’s Veera (2011) Telugu Movie Review

Movie Name: Veera

Starring: Ravi Teja, Kajal, Taapsee Pannu, Kick Shyam, Sridevi, Prakash Raj, Brahmanandam, Ali, Roja Selvamani, Chalapathi Rao, Supreet, Pradeep Rawat and Rahul Dev

Music Director: Thaman S

Cinematography: Chota K.Naidu

Editor: Goutham Raju

Producer: Indukuri Ganesh

Director: Ramesh Varma

Banner: Sanvi Productions Pvt Ltd.

Release Date: 20th May 2011

Watched at Odeon,Rtc X Roads


Survi Review: 2/5


Ravi Teja starrer Veera 2011 is a most awaited upcoming telugu movie directed by Ramesh Varma starring Ravi Teja, Kajal Aggarwal,Taapsee Pannu, and Shaam in the lead roles.The music for Veera Telugu Movie is composed by well-known south Music Director Thaman S. Lets Check out the ‘Veera’thvam in the Movie..



The story takes off with a goon Rahul Dev planning to take revenge on ACP Shyam (Shyam) for arresting him. Deva (Raviteja) will be appointed for giving special security to Shyam’s family. Deva gets friendly with entire Shyam’s family except Shyam’s wife Satya (Sridevi). In the meantime, Ikee (Taapsee), a neighbor falls in love with Deva.However Deva dont respond to her love. Story takes a twist when Shyam gets to know that Deva is not appointed by Government officials? Who is Veera? What is his background and why does he comes to save Shyam’s family forms the rest of the story.




Ravi Teja is the saving life of the movie. He has done his routine care free action in the first half and a little serious mixed with mass action in the second half. Kajal is still as sexy as ever and the director exploits her charm and sex appeal to the hilt. Tamil actor Shyam is okay in the role of a cop. Taapsee, seductive and very sexy in the songs wearing an itsy-bitsy costume, has added some pizzazz to an average musical score. Thaman’s music has been complemented by the choreography and beautifully picturised songs that have captured Taapsee & Kajal’s every yearning, soft expression in intimate detail. Brahmanandam and Ali created the much necessary comedy in the movie which was good.


Screenplay (Parachuri Brothers) and direction by Ramesh Varma is just average. He selected a routine and old story line and tried to give a new look to it in which he miserably failed. The story lost tempo in the second half and also he added more emotion in it because of which the audience will feel little bored.


Cinematography (Chota K. Naidu) is impressive, costumes are perfect and the art department has done their job with tremendous output.





Comedy In Parts



Regular Storyline

Slow Screenplay

Boring 2nd Half

Over Fights




Survi Verdict:


The main drawback of the film is the lack of clarity in narration and screenplay. This film is a disappointment from Ravi Teja who is branded as minimum guarantee hero for giving ample entertainment to audiences and decent profits for producers. As audience we have seen a lot of telugu movies in the past with the same story line. The story writer should have taken care of the script and the screenplay in the second half should have been done better by the director to make it a better movie.


Final Word: Veera 1st Half Chudu Thappuledhu 2nd Half Chudali anukoku Thattukolevu..

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